Friday, November 22, 2013

The last cuppa!!!

Ha!  Play on words there for my Pastor friend Lisa Beth.  When I said we would have 'The Last Cuppa' instead of 'The Last Supper' she nearly fell about laughing.

Here we are at the airport before the tears started...

Rewind a bit.  

Ended up needing another smallish (read 'smallish' Mike, no need to fret) suitcase to get my goodies home.  My case almost exploded in the bedroom, there was no way it was going to close.   So all ready to go.

I can say the American economy has done well with me for sure, lots of pressies in these bags for you Mike!!  And thankfully jewellery for me packs small (giggle!!)

So we get to the airport about 11am or so as Lisa Beth is heading to Baltimore for a conference.  Thank you James for driving!  I was happy to see her off and just hang, got me a book, a magazine and free wifi.  So I see if I can check in early (flight to LA not till 6.55) to save lugging my cases around, and the lady suggested getting me on an earlier flight.  "Hey you may as we'll hang around LAX than Houston, get yourself a nice meal and maybe see a movie star".  I thanked her very much, put my order in for George Clooney and win-win my flight is the same time as Lisa Beth's just in a different terminal.

Silly cow in a space suit at the airport, those crazy Houstonians!!! Or is it Houstonites??

So we split the difference in terminals and both went through security and went to the middle terminal for a cuppa (mind you this airport is huge!!). Time came to say goodbye, or well we will say farewell for now.  A few tears later and we parted to our respective terminals.

So now I'm on my way to LA ready for my next leg home to Melbourne.  That flight isn't until 11pm or so, hmmmm gives me more time for duty free shopping!  

Up above the clouds, so pretty, I want to bottle the colour of the sky...

Decided to perform 'wing watch' for the pilot so I could sound the alert if it dropped off!!  Somewhere in the middle of someplace...

Hello LA!  Wing is still on Mr Pilot, you're doing a good job!

So I'm here and having a wander through the shops at the airport, got oh about another 6 hours to kill!

Back again ... I have sat, and walked, and eaten, and walked, and made phone calls, and walked, and played on the net, and walked, and here it is 9.15pm and flight leaves at 11.30pm, I'm in the home stretch.  I dare not close my eyes in case I miss the boarding call, and I am so hanging out to get on that plane for sleep glorious sleep (being that I'm still running on 2 hours ahead Houston time)!  Mike keeps sending me text messages telling me to hang in there, and just quietly checking I'm still awake and haven't had my bags stolen out from under me I think.

The duty free shopping is not much chop, unless you want perfume, booze or ultra expensive watches.  Bit disappointing, no camera gear here at all.  Oh well.

Okay well signing out here, bye bye USA, catch you on the flip side.

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mollie said...

Getting that early flight to LA was really a nice surprise for you, wasn't it? Hope you are going to write a blog post all about you loose on LAX!!! Be sure to take a pic of you and George!!!!!!! 📷