Thursday, November 14, 2013

Savannah ... votest funnest city ever!

I am a firm believer that we make our own fun, and today it was a combination of us and Savannah and we just haven't stopped laughing the whole day and night.

I Started the morning with an early morning run.  Though the sun was up when I peeked through the window but the street lighting here is so well lit it was actually street lighting, not daylight.   So I pottered around downstairs getting ready so I didn't wake anyone then got a shock when I googled the weather and found out it was only 3 C out there, brrrrrrr.  I was out the door and ran only 4.1km around Forsyth Park a number of times and around nearby streets.  So glad I popped in my running jacket, I definitely needed sleeves today.  A few people out and about.  A burly man kept passing me coming the other way and I would call out "goooood morning", second time I passed him I called out again "gooooooood morning again!" and the third time he passed me he quickly said "y'all have a good day now you hear".  Think that was his hint to not call out to him again.

And tried the Lime Chobani for breakfast.  Delicious.  It's a blended yoghurt so instead of plain on the top with fruit on the bottom, it was lovely light lime yoghurt all the way through the tub. Hope Hope Hope it comes to Australia.

Mollie was the honorary Aussie having some vegemite on toast for brecky, go Mollie!  She voted it very nice indeed.

So this morning we did a walking tour of Savannah with Phillip of Old City Walks which dealt with the history of the cotton trade and slavery.  We turned up and we five were the only ones booked on the tour. Score!!  The guide was so nice he tailored it just for us and ensured he took us to all the places that were full of history and perfect for photographs.  He was a gold mine of information and went way longer than scheduled as we were having such a great time.

However it was sooooo cold.  Although we had our jackets and scarves the two tough Aussies decided to wear our walking shoes with no socks.  BIG MISTAKE! I believe my feet turned blue at one stage.

Kathie going in for the kill, she's spent a lot of time on the ground during this trip...

But I took a sneaky one too...

A quick lunch and dived back to Mimosa House to grab the car (and my socks and boots!!) and off to Bonaventure Cemetary for an explore.  What an amazing and beautiful Cemetary with the trees with Spanish Moss hanging from them which was quite eerie. 

Lots and lots of photos later and we headed back into the city ready for another quick explore and then dinner, which had already booked at Lady and Sons which is Paula Deen's restaurant for authentic southern cooking. 

We had a terrific waiter looking after us Olandon and I tell you this was Lynnie's big moment to eat at Paula Deen's.  

We had some really lovely food, I ended up having the Cornucopia Salad, delish!  And I had to order a side of Fried Green Tomatoes (just like at the whistle stop cafe).

On to our next fun thing, we had tickets to the Savannah Historic Theatre (pronounced theee-ay-ter by Mollie) to see the show Jukebox Journey.  I just knew we were in for a treat when they started, we were bopping in our seats, singing, laughing.  It was terrific.  They gave a call out to five women travelling on a girls trip and our arms flew up in the air and we cheered.  Then at one stage one of the singers came down and got me up on stage.  Oh Lordy Lordy I can't even remember what the song was but I was up there dancing with them.  I could only imagine the clicking going on by the ladies, oh did I mention we had front row seats???

Photo courtesy of Mollie...

If that wasn't enough when Elvis came out he made a beeline to find his "Priscilla" our very own Lynnie.  Well I don't think he bargained on how frisky Priscilla (Mark 2) was going to be.  Lynnie held onto him and wouldn't let him go.  She still is wearing his scarf sitting here back at the house looking at photos.  I am going to make the million dollar bet that she'll be wearing the scarf to bed tonight!!!!

Another photo courtesy of Mollie...

Love love love that!!

Tomorrow Charleston.


Curtains in My Tree said...


My favorite city Savannah Georgia
I want to go back so bad next year , I am saving now for a trip again I have been there 3 times and love every minute
You should have gone to back In The Day bakery a friend of Paula's runs it Cheryl Day on Bull st
show more pictures in Savannah if you have them available
You all looked to be enjoying yourself


Lynne said...

I'm so far behind but you can be sure I'm reading every post, even if I don't leave a comment! Sounds like you were having a marvellous time.