Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hi hi from America

Just posting from my phone so forgive any niceties in formatting.  The Thelma and Louise trip has started in earnest.  After a 14 and a half hour flight with very little sleep we arrived at 6.30am (thankfully the day AFTER the shooter went on a shooting spree in the next terminal at LAX).

We were met by our lovely friend Debi (who whilst planning this Thelma and Louise adventure has been referred to as Ethel!!) and have been on the go ever since only dropping into bed right now at 11pm. Absolutely certifiably knackered!!!

Debi aka Ethel is with us for these first days of our adventure and mind you we've never met Debi in real life before ... we three are on the wonderful Designer Digitals Creative Team for our digital Scrapbooking.  Well we haven't stopped talking for over 15 hours! Who'd believe that??

Here we are having wandered around Balboa Island giggling and being quite amazed at the Halloween decorations which were still up.  Love this pic.

We then headed down to a place I have had on my bucket list for a long time, to see San Juan Capistrano Mission.  It is absolutely GORGEOUS!

That is just one pic I took on my phone, I'll add a couple more from my big girl camera later.

Kept driving south and here we are in San Diego for four days. Weather is fantastic.  We ate at Little Italy tonight and I had a magnificent salad which was so delicious. Have no idea what was in the dressing ... but YUM!

Thank goodness an extra hours sleep tonight as day light savings finishes tonight.  Snooooooze!!


Jenelle S said...

Oh I am so happy to read this and hear that you guys arrived safely, especially after hearing the news of the gunman - I was quite worried! You all look so happy - love these photos! Looking forward to the many more posts to follow xxx

Lynne said...

Sounds like you got off to a good start!