Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last full day in the States

Start the trek home tomorrow, and think we have both hit the wall with our on the go sightseeing. Leaving tomorrow works in well with Lisa Beth as she heads off also flying to Baltimore for a conference. Perfect.

Today has been spent at the shopping mall. Checking out shops that I read about in magazines or see on American shows on telly.  Macys, Gap, JCPenneys, the gorgeous Anthropologie.  Completely rapt that I got to add another Santa to my Jim Shore collection at $25!! (same piece in Ausyralia would be around $75!!) I got some other remaining items I wanted to get, including another small case, and then my shopping enabler took me to an amazingly gorgeous jewelry shop and it was my downfall, I bought a gorgeous necklace and earrings.  Totally beautiful.

Santa was a bit lonely, desperately wanted someone to talk to!!

Had a lovely lunch and home to pack.  And then there were two cases!!  Don't know how that happened.

Quick stop at the supermarket.  How are these crazy cat Americsns, pumpkin in a can!!

James came home from work early and had planned to show us his culinary expertise in the kitchen for our last meal together and made the most delish spaghetti bolognese ever.

Cheers for our last meal together...

So tomorrow may be a bit of a whirlwind. I will be getting to the airport at the same time as Lisa Beth so I'm armed with mags to wait for my 6.30 flight.  Tried to check in tonight but either I have no idea how to or I've just checked in twenty times!!!  As long as my plane doesn't leave without me again!!

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mollie said...

I'm waving a fond goodbye to you as you head off into the wild blue yonder. ✈ I am so very fortunate to have been able to spend so many days with you, Carol. You are such a dear person, such a dear friend . . . and more fun than a barrel of monkeys!!!!!

I know that Mike, Molly & Lucky are going to be over theoon happy to see you. Save travels. xoxoxo