Monday, November 25, 2013

Settled back home

It hasn't been that bad actually, I didn't really get jet lag at all, either way.  Tired sure, but nothing like I have had in the past.  When we went to the USA we landed at 6.30am and made sure we stayed up to about 11pm that first night to get straight onto the time zone.  Worked a treat.

Likewise coming home, leaving LA at 11.30pm and travelling through the night and after 14 and a half hours later landing at 10am, I slept most of the way home, or what could be loosely termed as sleep, you know your eyes are shut, you kind of hear noise around you but you still lose track of time.  So stayed up till just after 9pm here at home on Saturday night and have hit the ground running since then.  Not bad!

Lucky has been beside himself with me home.  When we pulled into  the driveway (after that horrendously rainy trip from Melbourne, it hadn't rained at home), Mike let Molly and Lucky out of the back yard and I was still up at the front gate.  He ran as fast as his little legs would carry him and nearly bowled me over in the process, so excited.  He followed me everywhere on Saturday, I couldn't even go to the loo without coming out and him still sitting outside the door.  Even going to bed just after 9pm, he came up to the bedroom with me and hopped straight up onto the end of the bed and slept by my feet.  I have had a little shadow the last few days.

Molly is happy to see me.  The cat, eh, she doesn't give a flying hoot, not that she shows anyway.

Mike took a photo of Lucky while I was away.  This was what he did most days.  Just sat in the driveway, one eye on the back door, but the other on the gate.  Just waiting.  It was a long wait for the little boy.

Not the greatest pic of me, looking a bit travel weary, but this was after he nearly bowled me over after seeing me for the first time in three weeks, happy to have his mum back.  

Now to work out which way to jump.  I want to start on my photo book for my holiday, but I'm a bit paralysed not knowing how I'm going to proceed.  I had thought about this before going away and know it will be a template jobby, but which template, and how to set it out, what papers, what elements, what fonts, arrrrgh.  I want to get this all nutted out now as sure as eggs are eggs I'll get half way through and get sick of the format I choose.  Need to just make a decision and own it, right?

But first things first, it's nearly the end of November people!  Ack!  I hadn't put any thoughts into a Christmas card for this year.  So armed with a santa hat and camera and lots and lots of treats, lets just say that 20 looooooong minutes after I had my pic.  You'll have to wait and see.  But the order button has been pressed and I got in just as Snapfish had a 40% off sale.  Yay.  Looking forward to seeing it in print.

And then Mike's dad rang today wanting to get the family together on 15th December for an early Christmas, so we could all be there together.  Another ack!  That means I have only until then to get our Christmas shopping done for that side of the family.  Arrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!  (And why is it that *I* am the one that does the Christmas shopping, hmmm??  Mike says "oh but you enjoy it, I don't want to take that pleasure away from you", yeah right!)


mollie said...

I enjoyed hearing about your homecoming, Carol. My DH and I both had big smiles as we read about Lucky! So sweet . . . made me get ready eyed! Good luck with the Christmas shopping. I need an early deadline in order to get me moving! Think I will adopt the 19th as my deadline too!!!! Can we share?

mollie said...

That should read "teary eyed" . . . dang auto correct!

Lynne said...

Welcome back to reality! Is Lucky acting more normally now? Back to daily running? Hope returning to work wasn't too painful!