Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Look left !!!

You know when in London you hear the catch phrase in the tube 'MIND THE GAP' ... well I swear the catch phrase for this trip for me will be 'LOOK LEFT'.  Poor Debi, she has to call this out almost every time I cross a road as I am automatically looking right for the traffic and have nearly come a cropper!

Today was magnificent.  La Jolla.  I am going to liken it to Lorne or Apollo Bay with beautiful coastline and quirky seaside shops and restaurants.  We wandered down the beach and chatted to some locals.  Never one to miss an opportunity we found a round the corner mirror...

And the best part of La Jolla was as we parked we got out of the car to look at the view and saw a colony of Sea Lions.  I was entranced, watching them frolick in the water, sun ake and loll about on the rocks, pushing each other off the good spaces on the rocks and calling their big honking calls.  It was MAGIC!!  I could have watched them all day.  They were magnificent.

After a delicious lunch of yet another fantastic salad we went back to San Diego to an old west festival and found ourselves dressing up for a photo.  Haven't laughed so much, hey Mike there's a Davy Crockett hat!!!

After more wandering we ended up over the bridge to Coronado Island and wandered along the beach.  Again meeting more locals including the Sandcastle Man.  He makes the most amazing sand castles for the pure enjoyment of others.  I loved them, this was one of two magnificent structures.

Then headed over to the Hotel Del Coronado.  This place was like out of a big old fashioned movie, in fact it was where 'Some like it Hot' was filmed.  It truly was magnificent, the lobby was all oak walled with a big chandelier.  Beautiful.  The hotel was huge so I'm going to have to rely on this small section of it.

So tonight after a full day sightseeing and a small but of sunburn, we ended up down at Little Italy where we had the yummiest authentic Italian meal.  It was so funny, I decided to have a wine tonight for the occasion, now it don't drink very much as a rule.  I had to laugh when the wine came in regular ol' drinking glasses!  The lasagne I am going to have to say was the best lasagne I've ever tasted.  Yum!

And so now we find ourselves completely worn out, totally satisfied with very happy bellies and huge grins on our faces for all the memories we've already shared and I know there will be tears tomorrow as our friend Debi will be heading back to LA.  We've just face timed Mike which was great seeings my phone doesn't seem to want to ring him, grrrrr.  I have totally screwed with Lucky's mind, poor little boy, he came up to lick the screen of Mike's phone when he heard my voice.   Onward to tomorrow.

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Lynne said...

Good times and great memories!