Thursday, November 7, 2013

Good bye San Diego,!

Right this very minute we are sitting in the lobby  of our hotel, even though we have checked out this morning, the lovely ladies at Hotel Vyvant have told us to make sure we hang out here on the comfy couches.  As it happens there are some guests here who are mighty fine musicians who are having a jam session and entertaining us no end.  So this is a post on the run and you will have to make do with phone photos, I haven't had a chance to download the camera.

Today we went on our self made photowalk checking out some pretty impressive buildings in the city.   Loved this Gothic looking building, I'll have to check a map to work out what this building is.  

We also went for a wander through the US Grant hotel, which had more chandeliers than I could count.  The afternoon saw us heading down to Seaport Village to have lunch, what a view!!  

Onward to USS Midway for a tour which was really magnificent.  Can't believe how big this aircraft carrier is.  Yes I can see it from the dock, but once on board wow!  A total of 4500 sailors on board when it was in its hey day.  That's more people than the town I live in.

So that's where our day unravelled a bit.  There's (for want of a better word) pedi cabs down along the Harbour front.  Fellows cycling tourists around the waterfront and up into town.  Esther and I took one look at each other and thinking about the hill we had to walk up and when one of the cyclists asked us if we wanted a ride we shrugged and said yes.

We'll consider this, us two on the seat on the back of the bike and this spindly, shall we say aging fellow, starting to peddal.  Took him a little bit to get the steam up, and we were on our way.  Then ... He started.  On the conspiracy theories of September 11, the corrupt city officials, and other stories, I was actually ready for him to start telling us he was abducted by aliens.  All the while every time he turned around to talk to sum and this losing steam cycling up the hill, he would talk whilst spitting which Esther tended to cop.  All the while I was texting our friend Myra back and forth and we get a "Good Lord, walk woman!!!"

So we tell the now out of puff cyclist we are happy to get out, as we were at Little Italy, and he wouldn't hear of it, and kept cycling.  Gaaaaah!   We had to insist we wanted to eat there, so jumped out, thrust the money into his hand and up the street we almost tripped over ourselves to get away from him!  Dissolving into fits of laughter.

Had another delicious meal down at Little Italy and now listening to some incredible music from these wonderful musicians.  Fun fun, this is what travelling is all about, these funny little pockets of delight that create incredible memories.

Next stop, Florida!

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Lynne said...

Ah, a little bit of excitement to break up the monotony of the perfect holiday! ;-)