Monday, November 11, 2013

And away we go...

The Thelma, Louise, Mabel, Dotty and Delores road trip has begun in earnest and today we travelled to St Augustine in our rented red Dodge.  Move over drivers, we have Lynnie at the wheel.  We fitted all our cases and baggage in and away we went.  

Got to St Augustine about 3 hours later and found our very quaint lodgings for the night right slap bang in the middle of the historical district, on the top floor with a balcony on two sides with rickety old rocking chairs.  Actually I'm writing this blog post from that balcony listening to a band playing up the road.

So we arrived here at the tail end of a two day Annual Pirate Festival, and even though it was mid afternoon there were still pirates wandering around.

We went for a wander up this lane way street that we are situated on which houses some absolutely wonderful shops, quaint, artisans, specialty shops, all amazing.  I bought a number of goodies, hmmm just as my case was looking a bit better having unloaded Tim Tams and pressies for people.

Wandering amongst this quaint cobblestoned area meant our cameras were primed and ready to do business, here's a mix of photos from today...

Beautiful Mollie, always up for a good shot...

Kathie was worn out and decided to have a snooze!  Ha.  Kidding.  Anything for a good shot.  And let me tell you, the shot was gooood!!

So good in fact, she celebrated with one of the locals... Oh Kathie!!

The amazing Lynn who is doing the driving this trip, just quietly she says she's a granny driver, but I'm calling her a rev head!!

It got dark quick and we found a great eating place and sat up on the balcony feasting like Queens ... shivering Queens when the breeze picked up. 

Mollie shocked us all when she couldn't resist sliding down the bannister!

On the way back we stopped at a small market and saw some really lovely paintings, listened to a fellow playing music on the kettle drum, and wandered back, stopping for takeaway cake at a cake shop.  Yep, we needed dessert for sure.

And now it's time to recharge our batteries (cameras included!!) for tomorrow, including the Remembrance Day service.  

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