Saturday, November 9, 2013

Florida ...

Florida.  Beautiful white beaches, sand like the softest sugar, a lovely morning walk along the beach with Kathie, Sam, Katie and Beckie. Taking photos, laughing, cameras from every which angle. Still pinching myself that everything is surreal.  Heck! I'm sharing a room with these Scrapbooking Goddesses, will anything ever feel normal again?  

The beach really is amazing, the sky so blue, even the birds astound me.  

And where else could I look up and see a pelican flying past.

As I write this we are kicking back on a lounger by the hotel pool and chilling, waiting for a boat ride where we will be out to photograph and see dolphins.  This is my view right now.

Back now from the Dolphin tour and I'm sorry to say the Dolphins must have heard the boatload of giggling gerties floating around in the boat that looked like a shark and they went into hiding.  No dolphins to be found. But stacks of photos of everyone on the boat.

And some Candids of the girls.... a lot of talking going on!

After dinner and more group photos on the beach taken by some fellows that fancied themselves as scoop photographers, one in particular said he was getting his angles but I fear he may have photos of up our nostrils or big chins. 

Then onto the beach for some chats and drinks and I got my first taste of s'mores. Here I have a pic of Esther and Melissa prepping their marshmallows.  

And now tonight a present exchange full of uproarious laughter.  We did a present pick and steal and it just made everyone laugh.  Hopefully we have no one in the suite next to us, as our room has become Party Central, and the gathering place/hang out for everyone.  One thing we didn't bank on though is Sunday, the day everyone parts, there is a triathlon in town and streets are closed so some are working out how to leave the town.


Jenelle S said...

Oh Carol!! I love these pics!! Thank you so much (I can't get in to my instagram account... grrr)....I can't stop staring at the group one on the boat!! Looks like heaven :)

Lynne said...

And the good times continue to roll!

Did you enjoy s'mores?