Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello Houston!

Well after finally making it to Houston and arriving with the deer in the headlights look last night, it was wonderful to finally meet Lisa Beth face to face.  The airport at Houston was huge and I made it to the baggage claim and contacted Lisa Beth and she sent a "where are you?" and I knew I was at baggage claim 2 but when she asked what terminal I had no idea!  I had to ask a helpful person and if I thought Charlotte Airport was big, it has nothing on Houston Airport! It's like a mega city.

It was so great when I first set eyes on Lisa Beth and James, I wasn't prepared for how tall they would be.  I guess you don't really see height when looking at faces in photos.  Now I'm going to have to think of Lisa Beth's emails as tall writing!!

So today was the reason I wanted to get to Houston on the Sunday.  Lisa Beth is a Pastor and I wanted to see her do her thing live in person.  It was wonderful to see.  I loved that she had everyone in the palm of her hand, with enough humour in the story she was relaying to have everyone listening intently.  

The church was HUGE!  Nothing like Mortlake where you enter the church and well, apart from the front entry room you are then in the church proper.  This place had offices and rooms everywhere and a really large Children's program and section. 

After a lovely Tex Mex lunch with Lisa Beth and James, another delicious salad, we went to the supermarket briefly and then home for a rest before I get to see her do another service this arvo and then we headed into the city to watch her younger brother Glenn play jazz.

It was a live recording by the Henry Darragh Sextet, an incredible ensemble of trumpet, trombone, sax, piano, drums and Glenn on the big string bass.  Loved it!  Imagine my applause will be on the CD!

I also got to meet Lisa Beth's mum.  A terrific lady with a quick wit and a hearty laugh which was quite infectious.

Big day!

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mollie said...

I love to read all that is going on with you and LIsa Beth in Houston! What a treat for both of you . . . it must have been wonderful to sit in Lisa's congregation. If I am ever in Houston on a Sunday, I am going to be sitting in LIsa Beth's church myself!!