Sunday, November 17, 2013

A sad day in Charleston

It's strange when you get so close to online friends and you get to the point of saying goodbye to them you realise that this is it.  The last you'll see of them, possibly forever.  

We had our brecky and then finished packing and headed to the airport to drop Mollie and Kathie for their morning flights. 

Firstly we stopped at Anke's house to drop a note into her letterbox.  She got the shock of her life when we rang her from her front doorstep!  She did tell me on the phone she couldn't understand a word I was saying!

We got to the airport and I swear I hugged Mollie until I almost snapped her in half.  And I cried and cried saying goodbye to Kathie.  It really struck me that this is it.

Well I thought it was! Got back into the car and Mollie had left her jacket in the car.  I suspect on purpose so that Esther and I could give her one last hug.

So then there were three. 

Lynnie. And Esther and I headed to Middleton Hall for their once a year plantation day.  Such a cruisey day, weather was amazing, we just wandered and watched the recreations of the various tasks - carpenter, quilter, cook, rice making person (whatever the heck that is called).

Here we are in front of the reflection pool.

It was wonderful to listen to the Gullah lady telling her stories and singing.  

So we finish here and get to the airport at Charleston and I knew something was up when she looked at my ticket, queried whether I was going to Newark ... err no lady I'm headed to Houston just like my ticket says.  And find out there had been a time change and my flight left hours ago and I hadn't been told!! 

They got me onto their sister airline and now I'm headed to Houston via Charlotte North Carolina.  Esther took the airport shuttle back into Charleston as she has another night there before meeting her family.  Esther I know you'll read this, have fun and stay safe.  XX

So when life hands you lemons you make lemonade right?  Lynnie was jumping up and down because I was on her flight.  She quickly changed seats so that we were sitting together.  Yay!

And now I'm sitting at the gate waiting for my connecting flight, jumping at the bit ready to go to Houston to finally meet my friend Lisa Beth face to face after writing to her for ... I think ... 15 years.

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Valerie P said...

Oh fun, you got to hear the Geechee stories! I think, Sharon is her name, and she is brilliant! Funny though, my husband and I went to plantation days the year before!! Thanks for sharing your blog pics of the area, sure wish I had know you all were here!