Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another beautiful day in Houston

LisaBeth and I started today up and early before the weather got steamy and went for a run.  How wonderful to be running together, we have talked of it and now another thing ticked off the list.  There's a great nature reserve to run through, and open spaces, and through the suburban streets with the iconic yellow school bus picking up the kids for school.

We both have snazzy runners!!

We headed on to Old Town Spring for a look around and to meet Sarah from the Designer Digitals team who wasn't able to make it to Florida.  I wasn't going to miss this chance so we made a lunch date.  We met at Wunschees, I think that's how to spell it.  And what a treasured time it was to spend with Sarah and her four children.  Lisa Beth and I were touched that K made us both a friendship bracelet, that was really special.

And in a group photo I told the kids to be serious and then we could be goofy.  Love it!!

Thanks Sarah and kids (I won't pop your names on here in case your mum doesn't want me to) loved meeting you all.

Now, Old Town Spring is not the same as the other Old Towns we have visited.  It's bright and colourful and ready for the festive season.  So much colour.

Then after Old Town Lisa Beth and I headed to the Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens.  What a beautiful haven this is, flowers and plants from all over the world co-existing beautifully with each other.

This one I remember was called a Bat Face something or other, very bat like to look at.

And this one is a Texan Loblolly Pine.

And this little fellow posed for me in the sun before he took off once I had clicked the shutter.

Now back here at home and looking at the state of my exploded suitcase I am going to have to go shopping for another checked luggage piece, I'm pretty pleased with the new runners I have purchased, can't wait to try those babies out!

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Lynne said...

So many wonderful memories of people and places.