Friday, November 15, 2013

Our last full day together

Trying not to have a sad face, but this is our last full day together.  Don't worry about water shortage, I just know there will be tears today as tomorrow we will be go go go to get Kathie and Mollie to the airport, first two to depart us tomorrow morning.

But I won't think about that right now.

After brecky, first plan was a photographic tour of Charleston.  This walking tour was focused on photography but with lots of history thrown in.  Fun fun.  The guide reminded me of Lily Tomlin and she was pretty impressed with Kathie laying on just about every road and footpath that she could lay on.   So many amazing buildings.

The oldest house in Charleston...

Then back to the hotel through the market place and Lynnie stayed back for a rest and the rest of us hightailed it to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.  Not before we filled our bags up with scrolls and cookies that the hotel offers guests for free, so we had something to munch on for lunch on the run!  After a wrong turn we found our way out there and wow.  We didn't even make it up the driveway before we were screaming "PULL OVER!!!!!" and then Kathie did some more laying on the ground, Esther went running up the road to shoot the gates, and Mollie and I were photographing flowers.  

Onward to the gardens to buy tickets and we were off.  Ok so it was off season for magnolias but the gardens did not disappoint.  There were other flowers out and the lake water was so still it was glassy, just like a mirror.  I don't know how many oooohs and aaaaaahs we exclaimed at every turn.   

We got "rev head" Mollie back to the Inn before dark, although I was getting worried ... "Hate to worry you girls but we need to get home in 5% battery power because otherwise the phone is out" (happy to say we got there with 1% left!!  One thing I've learnt this trip is the map thingy on the iPhone, it's been invaluable!  We met Lynnie who was well into the happy hour spirit.  They serve cheese and crackers and wine for the guests.

And now Kathie and Mollie are in a frenzy packing their bags ready for the first trip to the airport tomorrow.  Lynnie and I don't fly out till late arvo and Esther is here another night.  I've already had a few tears today but I can blame it on my sinuses, as I am so stuffed up right now and sniffing and sneezing.  It got worse when wandering around the garden for sure.

Now we are deciding what to have for dinner although I am pretty stuffed from the scroll (and the muffin) I flogged from the dining room today at different times (don't tell).  Mollie and Lynnie votes for walking down the street and stuffing ourselves with free praline samples!!  

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Valerie P said...

I haven't laid down on any of the streets here, but I've been down on my knees lots of times!! Don't you just love Magnolia Plantation!! I spent hours there when we first arrived, and have tons of pics-maybe this year I will go back when the Azaleas are in bloom. I need a new camera first!