Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Another lovely day in Sunny Southern California.  

We hit the road to an area called Historic Old Town.  Full of historic buildings, very proud people to show them off and a market place village type atmosphere in a riot of colours.  Lots of Mexican wares to buy and cowboy type things.  The colour really was a feast for the eyes, and of course like bower birds we were drawn to colourful shiny pretties!

We wandered without a care in the world, buying some trinkets, talking to stall vendors.  There was a fellow singing cowboy songs to the people and he asked Esther where she was from.  He immediately gave us a cowboy rendition of Waltzing Matilda, with a wink and twinkle in his eye!

I was quite entranced by all the skeleton figures, and was told they were still there from The Day of the Dead, which was what the Mexicans call Halloween.  The fact that there were many skeletons dressed up as brides and grooms puzzled me, and I was told that many couples marrying have this as their theme.  What the??

Found ourselves a lovely little cafe and enjoyed a Mexican lunch sitting in the sun listening to the Mexican music, just delightful.   The man at the next table hooted with laughter the moment the waitress put our meals down and we three immediately dived for our big girl cameras and started clicking madly at the food.  He said the rate we were going our food would be cold by the time we ate it!  I think I distinctly heard him say to his wife "honey dive in quick when we get ours, lest they want to photograph ours too!!"

We continued looking around Old Town and I really like this photo of the three of us.  Definite firm friends for life.  You were actually lucky you didn't get a piccy of my butt there!  I had the timer on 10 seconds and had to run around a verandah post up onto the verandah ready for my Debi embrace.  :-)

The afternoon went by waaaaay too quick and soon we were back at the hotel and we three were a blubbering mess on the footpath hugging and saying goodbye to dear sweet Debi.  It struck me, is this the last time we will see this dear lady face to face?  I'm even tearing up as I type this.  I know that forever more when we interact on our forums and through our gallery at Designer Digitals that I will not be able to read her posts without hearing her voice, and her laugh, and her know of her caring nature.  And likewise seeing her scrapbook pages, I will know this person more so than I thought I knew her before.  Wow.  Pretty deep stuff.

I know you will be reading this Debi.  Love you soul sister! xx

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