Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First day of Summer

Wow, can you believe it, first day of Summer and it's cold and rainy right now. And rain and storms forecast for the rest of the week through the weekend. Gah!

Well after mentioning I was having an overnighter for work in Melbourne, on Monday night I hit the streets armed with a big shopping bag and a list. I was very brave and took a tram! By myself no less! See, that's a very brave thing for me to do because I have this fear I'll get on a tram and end up in woop woop and not know how to get back. Add to that memories of getting on the tram when I was a little girl with my family and dad was trying to get to his seat and the tram took off and he fell. I have this fear of falling in a tram, so I found out I could buy a ticket before hand at the 7-11, so I did that! But I worked it out and soon enough I was in and out of shops, shopping like a wild woman.

Have finished most of the kids shopping now, I bought a few more things online tonight but they're mostly done. Added a few more things to Mike's gifts. I took in the delight of Myer windows, it's the Nutcracker this year, and absolutely gorgeous. And finally with my shopping bag full of goodies and quite heavy on my shoulder I ended up in a restaurant in one of the little arcades. "Table for One" I said. How extremely bold of me. Well I figured it was either that or takeaway in my room, and I was hungry and the smells from the restaurant were delicious. So I ended up having a very yummy meal, and then headed back to the motel on the tram again afterwards, I was an old hand at it by that stage.

How very city-fied I became. Amazing when you are on your own that you just have to have a bit of braveness about you.

Christmas is coming and it's picking up speed!

So have you visited Roadside Designs yet to pick up your first template in the free giveaway they are giving all month. Go forth and say hi and grab yourself the little beauty. You won't want to miss it.

So on with the Christmas theme, I've decided, oh boy, I will live to regret this I'm sure, but I've decided to blog every day in December. It just may get me into the Christmas spirit, you think? And I'm going to revist some of my Christmas pages over the years, and add a few new ones into the mix, who knows what I might come up with. (cross fingers after my grand announcement there that I keep going with this, ha!)

It made me laugh when I remembered this page I did from Christmas 2 years ago. It really is a very unusual thing for us to have the fireplace going in December, but yet here we are two years later, and whilst the fireplace may not be going, I certainly have a thick sweater on right now. Summer people! It's summer! What's going on?


Credits: Goodies from [ksharonkdesigns] twolittlepixels.

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