Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm done!

I have just finished wrapping up the last present, the very last. And I'm done, literally, exhausted. Mind you, while Mike has watched a movie and written only 4 tags. Urrrgh. Is it me, or is it everyone? Are these jobs left to the women in the partnership to complete?

And all I wanted was to sit and relax tonight.

But in amongst it all I have made a chocolate ripple cake (yum!) and made a curried rice salad for tomorrow (iffy ... I put a bit too much curry in it). Trevor, Kim and the boys are coming for the day, number one because Mike is having a birthday on Monday and number two to have a bit of Christmas cheer with us. I'm just doing a cold meat platter and salad, I'm doing it easy this weekend. But I intend to take lots of photographs, please please please don't let it rain. I've also hidden lolly pops on our Christmas tree for the boys to find. Fun.

Christmas comes but once a year, but I like making Christmas stockings whenever the sewing urge hits me. And if Tanya is reading this, I'm just about finished your two!! So here's another Christmas page I did for my December book last year, which featured some of the stockings I have made over the years. And my favourite Christmas stocking which is hanging up right now, lots of jingle bells on it, and given to me by a dear friend


All products used Designer Digitals.

Now, whilst Mike is finishing watching his movie I think a wee bit of scrapbooking is in order!

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Polly said...

Carol, those stockings are divine. I didn't know you were still making them.