Sunday, December 19, 2010

And still it rained

I swear we're about ready to build an ark, honestly. Plus it even hailed this afternoon for a short while. Hailed?!?!?!? This close to Christmas! When it's meant to be warm and sunny. Not only that, Mike even lit the fire this afternoon, it got quite cold. Ridiculous.

Friday we were to have the Christmas Parade and Carols by Candlelight. Alas, more rain. They held a brief soggy parade and then the Carols ended up in the hall up the road from the park. Not quite the same atmosphere, but it was heartwarming to see standing room only in the hall. A testament to Gonz, Mike and the boys from lodge who ran the event. Mike was in charge of the entertainment so he was sweating most of the day, despite the cold weather!

Then in amongst all of this planning for him on Friday, when I was at work, the man who we have been waiting on since forever to come and lop our trees (and shhh, pull some out) decided that Friday was the day he would turn up. If it doesn't rain it pours.

He and his partner did a mammoth job, lopped two of our big cherry plum trees, that were well over 5 metres tall. Hopefully this will promote new growth and better cherry plums. He also pulled out, goodness knows how he did it, the big unruly tree we had at the front. It was well past its prime and kept that side of the house in darkness. I now have a clear go to plant a magnolia which I have always wanted to do. Any hints?

Funny (or maybe not) our neighbour over the back fence, I ran into her at the Carols and she was commenting on the trees, or lack of them. She made the comment that now they can be in their kitchen and not have to have the light on. Oh dear. I didn't know that.

So I scrapped some of the photos from Friday night to make a neat double page spread. The parade on one side, the Carols on the other. One of my favourite things in our little parade was the horse that had a big red nose like rudolph. I thought that was darling.



Credits Designer Digitals.

So tomorrow is my first official day off, with four lovely weeks of leave ahead of me. Bliss.

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Lisa Beth said...

Any before and after pics of your garden? We have a magnolia in our neighborhood that is over 100 years old, so lovely and stately. :-)

Four weeks of leave, you lucky lady! Do enjoy!

Belated happy birthday wishes to Mike - I'm sure he had a wonderful time looking through his book. A great gift!!

Now back to my writing... not on my own blog but papers for my professors, trying desperately to finish before the end of 2010. It's a goal I really want to accomplish! {{{holiday hugs for Carol}}}