Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am a fallen blogger

For sure. Every day in December? Huh! That obviously was not going to happen.

We have my youngest stepson staying with us this week so we've had a few things going on there, in amongst it on Monday was Mike's birthday, the last time he'll see the 40's, enough said. Plus had a Christmas BBQ to go to for Masons. Tomorrow afternoon is a bit of a loss for work as we are having our work Christmas party and going up to a little town called Tarrington where we meet up with other staff members from throughout the Division, it's always a nice catch up with people we deal with on the telephone all year round.

Mike's birthday I gave him the big secret I've been working on all year. "The book" (said in hushed tones). The biggest project I have had, from his parents meeting till he left home at 18, his childhood in Scotland, immigrating to Australia, it's all in there. He was gobsmacked. Man of a few words he is, but I think I floored him on this one.

Back to Christmas, here's a page I have done recently of my youngest nephew, apparently it is universal even in America the "red goes fast". Who knew?! ha. He is a little character and give him a racing car and he's hooked, better still a remote control one. This was from Christmas last year. One of my favourite photos is the large one, a little boy oblivious to everything and only concentrating on the car.


Designer Digitals credits here.

I think an early night is in order for me tonight. I was up at 5.30 this morning when Molly started pacing. I thought she wanted to go out so I dragged myself to the back door half in a sleep stupor and when I opened it she just stood there and shook. There was a storm on its way. Sure enough 10 minutes later the lightening, rain and thunder started. I ended up on the couch with her on the ground and my hand on her trembling body.

This certainly has been the season for storms, I'm over it! I'm sure Molly is too.

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