Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not many more sleeps to go

And I have a list a mile long of things I need to be doing, but the majority can't be done until tomorrow. So tomorrow is not looking like a fun day! ha. Stepson number 1 is travelling down and staying the night, we plan on going to the Christmas Eve church service and then when it's dark we'll travel around to see the Christmas lights. There's a farm close to here that outdoes itself every year, so I'm looking forward to seeing that again.

Tuesday just gone was a big day. We went to Altona to the Crematorium to where my grandma and grandpa are placed. I like to go every year and spend some time just talking to them. May be silly, but it's something I do. Back in Geelong we also went to see my dad and Mike's mum at the cemetary and lay some flowers. I know we don't need to go to the actual places to visit, they are with us always in our hearts, but it's something we do.

I also saw my mum for the first time in over a year on Tuesday. It was okay. We both didn't break or anything. No need to rehash anything, no need to even speak of it. It was just from that day forward. I hope.

Then we travelled down the coast for a mid-afternoon lunch with Mike's dad, and lordy lord you have to love him, he put on a 3 course meal all cooked by himself for us, we had the bon bons, a lot of laughter, Mike's sister and children were there too, it was a lot of fun. I'm so proud of my father-in-law, he wouldn't even let us girls in the kitchen to help him, he wanted to do it all himself.

I tell you though, a lot of people work right up until Christmas and then have holidays. Never again. I've thoroughly enjoyed having this week before Christmas off, I've been able to clean the house, get the spare room ready for Wes, have done some baking, done some visiting, done last minute things, it's been lovely.

Plus done a bit of scrapping, I mentioned I went to Tarrington for our work Christmas function and I found the haybales. Apparently haybales are dropped off at homes, and mind you this is a very small town, for the residents to decorate as they see fit, to the delight of passing motorists. I think I set every dog off barking in town as I stopped to take photographs of all the ones I could find. I particularly liked the snowman, it was great, only when you get up closer do you realise his eyes are bicycle wheels, his nose a road cone, his mouth an tyre innertube. Terrific!

Long live little towns that go to these efforts for the delight of people either visiting or passing through.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Now I have a little dog to bath so he'll be beautiful, white and fluffy for Christmas. And I'll probably get quite soaked in the meantime!


Chocolate Cat said...

Gosh you did have a big day on Tuesday!!! We did our cemetary visit in Ararat on Friday, had some lovely roses from our garden to take. What a special meal that Mikes Dad prepared, wonderful memories. Assuming you lunched at Catalpa in Tarrington, is a favorite of ours although is a little while since I've been out there. Actually thinking maybe a friend of mine may have been at the lunch with you, have never thought to ask her if she knows you!! Wishing my Mum and Sister could find a way to move forward even with baby steps...

Lisa Beth said...