Friday, December 24, 2010

Lists make me happy

Last night I started a list of everything I have to do leading up to breakfast with the kids on Christmas morning. The list was a mile long, front and back of an A4 sheet of paper, even down to the most miniscule things like sweeping the front porch. What can I say, lists make me happy. Even happier was that I am up to date as of right now, with big purple texta lines striking out everything I was having to do.

Dessert tomorrow is blueberry cheesecake and a blueberry semifreddo, which I made both of today. Semifreddo! What a fancy schmancy name for icecream. Usually we go down the chocolate pavlova route, but this year I said to Mike lets do something different. I opened a cooking magazine that was full of Christmas recipes and went bang, pointed and decided, yep that will be it. Although there are no cherries to be found anywhere at the moment apparently due to the wet unseasonal weather that has been striking our shores, hence having to swap to blueberries.

Talking about weather though, the last two days have been glorious and we're building up for a balmy sunny day tomorrow. YAY! Now THIS is Christmas weather.

Tonight's plans are for number one stepson to arrive, the Christmas Eve church service, a drink at a friends place up the road, and then we're off to see some Christmas lights, especially a couple of farms near here which deck themselves out to the hilt. Looking forward to it.

You'll recall I was participating in the All About Me challenge at Designer Digitals throughout the year, but kind of fell off the bandwagon when my hard drive went kaput and I lost all but 2 of my pages. Well I jumped back on for the last challenge for the year, it was describe a day in your life right now. Well I described my whole month in one foul swoop! I wonder how many other women out there have experienced the type of December that I have. ha.


Credits Designer Digitals.


Chocolate Cat said...

Oh I love a list as well!!!! Almost filled a notebook on our drive back from Geelong last night of what I want to achieve this week while not working!!
(I did all of our Christmas preparation too!!! even shopping for my own presents this year!)

Polly said...

Oh carol, its so true isn't it! Im a list person too, I don't think I could survive without them.