Thursday, December 9, 2010


Oops is right, that didn't last long, the whole blogging every day in December. Monday and Tuesday nights we had storms, Tuesday night particularly, the longest storm I've known, the lightening was coming from both the west and the east. At one point Lucky and I sat out on the front porch and watched the light show. I'm not really that brave, if it was forked lightening I'd be hiding out inside, but it was sheet lightening and all night the storms circled our town, like we were a big black hole or something, quite bizarre.

Lucky isn't phased by storms at all, whew! Molly on the other hand was beside herself. Crazy eyed, drooling, she was under the kitchen table, or in the corner of the loungeroom with her head stuck right in the corner, or under our legs while we were sitting on the couch. Poor darling, her heart nearly beats through her chest. Mike says I have aggravated the behaviour by pandering to her, but I say if a 12 year old geriatric dog wants to be scared, then pander to her I will.


No one from my family reads my blog so safe to show here. A number of family members are getting calendars this year, I've made 3 so testing the waters to see how well they'll be received. Having never made one before I decided on an Australian company Snapfish. Well, they have surpassed my expectations, I love them. I was a bit iffy to start with because I wanted full bleed, but having now seen the printed version I really like the white border, mainly also because you don't have a hole through the top of your layout.

Just wanted to display here, as I've had a few people ask about calendars now, so you can see what I mean. I also like that you can put a persons photo in the date section for their special days too. The only thing I didn't like was that the week started on a Monday, I like my calendars to start on a Sunday but they didn't give that option. Oh well. Can't have everything. This is the 30x30cm size.


And so this is Christmas ...

And revisiting another Christmas page I have made in years gone by in my effort to show all things Christmas, I do love this page, it was in my December book last year. So fun to see comparable photographs of Mike and his little brother and sister from 1970, and my brother and I from 1971 ... oh that fringe, what was mum thinking?!?!?!? She used to put sticky tape across my hair and then cut all the fringe from under the tape. Ick.


Products all from Designer Digitals.

Now I'm off to plan a menu for Saturday lunch, my brother and family are all coming down, and coincidentally I bought 4 santa hats today, hmmmm, photo opportunity anyone? ha.


ksharonk said...

Those calendars look fabulous, Carol. Each year I tell myself I am going to do this, and don't ... I should do this too, thanks for the tip! :)

Polly said...

The Calendars are such a great idea carol - I hope that they are well received.

amson said...

On your recommendation I've now uploaded my calendar to Snapfish just in time for the discount. Thanks for the review on your blog as I had never heard of this company. Your calendars are wonderful as is that great desert!