Sunday, December 26, 2010

The aftermath

It's one day, right? A big build up. One meal. Lots of leftovers. And now I'm so incredibly tired. I didn't even bother going into Warrnambool for the sales today. I might head down to Geelong during the week, it doesn't worry me if I get a bargain or just go down and back for the sake of it. My time is my own while I'm on holidays, and it's just nice to go shopping somewhere other than here.

Had a brilliant day yesterday. We had the four kids for a lovely Christmas breakfast, which I hope becomes a tradition. Now that there are drivers licences and cars in the mix, it was nice that they came to us, before spending the rest of the day with their mum and other family. It was so much fun. Lots of yummy food, fun opening presents, I had Christmas Carols playing, lots of photographs. Oldest step-daughter's boyfriend had come along too, so he took a photograph of the 6 of us. We don't have many of these, one perhaps not long after I met the kids, the one taken at our wedding, and this one. So it's pretty darn special for me to have this done. So I actually got him to take about 7 photos! I'll probably do some head reconstruction so I have the perfect mix in the one photo.

Mike was as pleased as punch having the kids all here, it was so great. You think you can see that in the photograph?!?!


And of course the menagerie got presents from Santa too. A frisbee for Lucky and new tennis balls for Molly, which she looks quite content in the background with. Bo was off somewhere with her feathery toy playing.


Lots of fun throughout the whole day. We cruised though for the remainder, being that it was just Mike and I. Because of our big breakfast we didn't have lunch until mid-afternoon. It was so enjoyable, just the way we wanted it. No stress, no driving anywhere, perfect.


ksharonk said...

Sounds like you had a perfect day too, Carol ... I LOVE the image with Molly on her back, obviously enjoying her Christmas too!!!

Polly said...

Sounds like the perfect day Carol. Merry Christmas

amson said...

What a wonderful day. I love the gifts for each member of the family. Harry has been carrying his squeaky plastic bone around now for 2 days. So funny!

Margaret said...

Certainly is a special photo and yes I can see Mike is very happy, that's what Christmas is all about sharing the Joy.
p.s. Today the crowds wern't as bad in town, but Waurn Ponds and Bunnings were packed, people everywhere.
Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.

Lisa Beth said...

Love the photo of the whole family! It is nice when the kids can drive themselves and spend time with both parents, isn't it?

Love the photo of you with Lucky and Molly too! Everyone so happy. :-)