Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Day after Christmas and Mike started sniffing, and sneezing, and wheezing. I must admit at one stage I did ask him if he had "real" sick or "man" sick, to which he was quite affronted. Today though he has felt like he's been run over by a truck. No sooner had he gotten up from bed, showered and the next thing I found him asleep on the couch, to which he's been there most of the day. He's cursing himself at the moment, he's a bit of a man's man and he doesn't like to feel weak. I've told him, this is his body's way of saying to Mr. Workaholic "hey man, slow down, you need a rest".

So today has been a quiet day. I've done a bit of scrapping, a bit of tidying, a bit of playing around in the garden, trying not to wake him so his body can heal itself in sleep. It's been quite warm too which has made him feel worse. Feeling like this on a nice sunny day is the pits.

Here's the photograph my brother took the day he came down with the kids for a joint Mike's birthday and Christmas celebration. Too bad Miss Bo the cat didn't grace us with her presence. It was fun doing a scrap page using non-traditional Christmas colours and elements. Ahh well, a girl won't go wrong when she matches the background to his flannelette shirt! ha.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Now, I wonder if a bit of icecream will make the man feel better? What do you think his answer will be? I'm guessing yes! Oh, and this is my home made blueberry icecream I made for Christmas, it's delicious.


esther_a said...

Doesn't he have a red and green flannelette shirt?!! lol! I get tired of red and green at Christmas. Love the blue!
I hope the icecream does the trick.

Calico said...

Great layout! Maybe you can "photoshop" Bo in the background somewhere,lol!

Susie Roberts said...

My husband has just started the coughing routine too! I'm putting him straight on to Echinacea Cold and Flu tablets. Our daughter says they make a huge difference! One can only try!