Saturday, December 11, 2010

Terrific day today

My brother and family came down here to spend the day today, lots of fun. It didn't start raining until after they left, so the boys weren't cooped up inside all day which was a good start, they were running and playing with Lucky and Molly. Lots of laughs. Plus we were able to get some Christmas photos, although as you can see my four new santa hats were a wee bit stiff, pointing straight up, ha.

Molly had to get in on the act with my brother and the boys.



See what I mean about how stiff the santa hats were, Trevor's is standing up like a clown hat! ha.


And we even got almost a family shot ourselves, minus the cat. I might have to do some head surgery on Molly and get a photo of her looking at the camera, you know me and my switching heads on photos! Oh and you can see some of the pretty colour flowers I have in my garden near the front porch here. Very festive.


Oh and my yummy dessert, the easiest thing in the world ... chocolate ripple cake. I decorated it with spearmint leaf lollies and red smarties. And funnily enough I didn't even think about it, but Kim and the boys have never had this before, they likened the chocolate ripple biscuits to oreos.


Time for bed, night!


Calico said...

Carol, those pictures are adorable and I'm enjoying your post-a-day!!! Your garden looks lovely too!

Margaret said...

Artistic you with spearming leaves and smarties, I have already put it on the memory stick in my head, now just have to see if it computes when I want to use it Great hats.