Saturday, December 4, 2010

So colour me happy is right

The difference in my blog was the blinky down there on the right hand side. I am now a creative team member at Designer Digitals. OMG! I'm still pinching myself. It is a site full of incredibly inspirational and just downright lovely people. Just quietly I think they've gotten my gallery mixed up with someone else's and have asked the wrong person! I'm assured that's not the case though, but I can't help but think.

However with that comes goodbyes, and I bid farewell to the twolittlepixels creative team I was on. [ksharonkdesigns] is one of the most lovely and generous and terrific people. She gave me my first break into this world of creative teaming. (teaming? is that such a word?) She put me on for a 3 month guest role and I just didn't leave. And during that time at twolittlepixels I have met some terrific people - Suzanne, Cheryl, Nisha, Shen - and Jodie who I actually got to meet in person when I went to Tassie last year, which was just terrific.

Then my digiscrap pal Esther came along to twolittlepixels and has been playing there with me since. And could I get any happier? She was also invited to the Designer Digitals creative team. It's so much more fun going on a ride like this, when you have someone along with you that you know and like.

The Weather

So what is going on? The weatherman (who we really should never trust) has said it was rainy and thunder and lightening storms all week. After a torrential downpour late yesterday afternoon in which Mike rang and told me to stay in Warrnambool and keep shopping ... silly man! He actually didn't want me to drive in the storm we were getting at home, so I took him at his word and kept shopping! But today, no storms as promised, but it was hot and humid and almost tropical.

Back to Christmas

I had mentioned that I was blogging every day and I would revist something about Christmas each day, so here's a memory from 1967. This was one of the pages that I put into my family history book. So many memories. We didn't have a dining room as such at home, just a kitchen table in a room separated by an island bar from the cooking part of the kitchen. So as a ritual on Christmas day, the kitchen table was moved into the loungeroom and we would have lunch next to the Christmas tree. We did that every single year that I remember until only recently when a new big dining table replaced the old kitchen table.

There's me below, with the little pink hat on in the blue dress. And my brother (who is now 43) in the bouncinet. I don't even know how to spell that. And Christmas wrapping galore. Oh and my nanna on the right there, she passed away when I was young so I only really have memories of her in photographs. And grandma on the left there next to mum, she passed away in 2007. And my dad there at the head of the table. He loved Christmas so much.

This is why I scrap. This is why I want to preserve these memories, so we never have to wonder who is in the photographs, what they are doing, all those little details that get lost over time. This goes right to the essence of why I do this.


All products here from Designer Digitals, but unfortunately I don't know what I used, this was from so long ago.


ksharonk said...

I'm so sad that you're leaving ... but you know that! Wishing you all the very best!!! :)

esther_a said...

What a ride we are on!

Can I help you out here:
Lynn Grieveson In Distress
Syrin Loose Stitches
ksharonkdesigns faded(pin)
Katie Pertiet stitching holes (no idea which one)
Katie Pertiet Messy Stamped Alpha No2

I think we have the SAME stash!!!! lol!
And thank goodness for ACDSee to help keep mine organised