Friday, January 30, 2009

More heated discussion

ha! Should say more hot discussion. I can't stop talking about the weather. It was 41 here today. This heatwave has lasted all week. I'm completely over it. At the moment the evening has cooled down outside but it's hot as hell in here still. I jokingly said to Mike we should camp outside in the backyard last night, he nearly took me up on the offer.

I'm off on a fabulous girls weekend this weekend ... to a house with air conditioning! hahaha No no, that's not the only reason. My old workmates are having a girls overnight get together, and we're going to learn beading, before the drinking starts! To be honest I couldn't give two hoots about learning how to bead, but it's more to get together with these girls who have meant so much to me over the years.

Mike is taking Lucky to his first obedience class on Sunday. I won't make it back in time but will be there for the rest of the sessions. Lucky was a show dog (well, for all of his young months anyway) so he knows how to stand proudly and all, and now he sits nicely for us, but as for coming and dropping, etc. sometimes I swear he doesn't know his own name. So we're all going to learn together.

One of the photos I took over the weekend of my sister-in-law's birthday, we were struck by how grey Mike was looking, although he will deny it till the cows come home. I couldn't resist doing a page. He of course is absolutely insulted by it but all he said was ... "I don't like the set out, I don't like the colours you've used, what's these papery bits on it, I don't like this or that". He said absolutely nothing about the photo! See, denial is the key isn't it?


Credits here.

Well that's it from me, over and out.


Lynne said...

Mike, you are growing older
Silver threads above your shoulders!

Is that a better description?

esther_a said...

I love the frown on his face! Says it all!! And if it's like my DH's hair, the thinner it gets, the more the light shines through it... ;)

Jodie said...

LOL at Esther's comment about the light shining through.

Enjoy your weekend Carol... I'm envious.

Bells said...

oh that's hilarious that he took issue with the layout but not the photo. It's a very good one.

Polly said...

Have a lovely weekend away Carol.

Amandac said...

Oh wow have a fabulous weekend in the air con Carol and I bet you have fun beading - you crafty soul you! I am thinking of you each night when the news comes on and they talk about that rotten heatwave - I hope you take care of yourself! Oh and I think that silver is a much more distinguished description of Mike's grey hair rofl!

Margaret said...

I was asked once "what colour do you call your hair " my reply was aged. they then said " it goes so well with you face", don't know what they meant . Mike looks distinguished, very distinguished.

Chocolate Cat said...

How did Lucky's obedience class go??? Where do you go for it? Jimmy will start back this week - he needs it if tonights walk is anything to go by!