Monday, January 19, 2009

Count down is on

Only 4 days of post to go. I do hope I get my sister-in-law's book back in time. Cross fingers!!!! I have given Mike strict instructions to ring me as soon as it arrives so I can stop worrying. It won't be the same to give her an "IOU present". It left USA on 9th January so surely not much longer. ~~fret fret~~

Another hot day here today. The house is stifling at the moment, once nightfall hit it was cooler out than in. I have all the windows wide open trying to let the slightest breeze in. Mike has settled down in the loungeroom in front of the fan. He's bunkered down to watch the first of 5 episodes of Roots on Fox Classics I think it is. It's on all week. Looks like I'll be scrapping or sewing cause I'm not overly interested.

I thought I'd share with you two special pages that will take pride of place in my sister-in-law's book. Lucky she doesn't read or even know of this blog! I really love this double spread I did.



Credits here.

I'm in desperate need of some chocolate right now, I have a massive craving. I may have to just settle for a hot chocolate because I have absolutely no chocolate in the house otherwise. I suppose it's safer that way!


esther_a said...

Oh no!! Oh Carol, how tragic!! I've got some spare choc - Nestle dark choc OK? Can't survive without it!
I've got my fingers crossed for your book. Hard to type with your fingers crossed. ;)

Lynne said...

Lovely pages.

I hope the book arrives on time.

Pity about the chocolate.