Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's here !!!

YAY. The book has arrived. We will have a gift for my sister-in-law when we see her on the weekend after all. And it's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I do think she may cry. I'm over the moon happy. Pictures will be forthcoming. Obviously it will appear in my next 365 page! ha

So there's a thief in our midst. Shocking in this small town of ours, but true. I went to put my sandals on for work yesterday and one had disappeared, later found on our front lawn under a bush. MY GOOD SANDALS !!!! I just saw Lucky hightail it out the door just before with one of my high heels. Ack! Looks like there will be no more of the throwing the shoes under the bed. It's become a game with him to fetch, retrieve and hide, little devil.

Mind you he doesn't go anywhere near Mike's steel capped work boots, 'nuff said!

I haven't showed you this first page I made of the little boy. This face just melts my heart.


Credits here.

Well that's it from me. It will be another fan night tonight, it's rather warm here at the moment. I'm getting my elbow nudged big time to my left from Molly so I think she wants to go out. Bye!


esther_a said...

So glad the album turned out so well - looking forward to the pics!
Good week for camping at the beach, don't you think? ;-)

Lynne said...

Glad the book arrived.

Yes, I think it's time to hide your shoes!!

Calico said...

Yay!!! Glad you got the album and are happy with it. Such a cute face that Lucky has!!!! (the little shoe thief!!!)

Chocolate Cat said...

When my shoes were continually under threat and even occassionally being destroyed was when Jimmy was in danger of being rehomed!!!! He didn't touch anyone elses.....