Monday, February 2, 2009

January is finished !

I can't believe I've actually stuck with Project 365 for a whole month. Sometimes it's a struggle to take a photo every day and I'm not overly fussed about that. I'm just representing the "week that was". What I am struggling with is keeping my journalling down to a dull roar!! One of my very good friends I used to work with often said about me "Why say in 10 words what you can say in 100!!" Enough said huh?

Speaking of my very good friends, I went away on a girl's weekend and had the most wonderful time. Some of my old workmates I've known for 20+ years, you just don't pull those types of friendships and history out from anywhere do you? We had a lovely time down at Jan Juc, sea views, great company, lots of laughing.

As an aside : You will NEVER see the pics of me playing Wii boxing!! I'm shuddering just remembering. hahahahahaha

We did do the beading as promised, I'm so amazed, I made a necklace, earrings, bracelet, wine glass thingy and a mobile phone decoration (which has promptly broken, so obviously I didn't make that very well!!) Pictures will be forthcoming.

As mentioned with January coming to an end, here are my final pages for the month. Because I'm very obsessive, I have to have the month finish on an even double page (yes, and I don't like to step on cracks in the footpath either!!). So I've rounded the month off nicely with these two.



Credits here.

Whilst down that way I spent Sunday night with mum and took her to the movies to finally see "Australia". I didn't mind it. Not that I'm overly keen about her, but I think Nicole Kidman has gotten a bum rap with her performance, I think she played the role she was given. Anyway I was starting to feel like the only person who has never seen it, so I've rectified that now.

Early night for me, this hot weather has really flagged me, probably the hot weather and the big weekend with the girls !!


Simply Vixen said...

OMGosh carol
I just spent the last hour, and 2 cups of coffee, perusing all of your January blog!

you never cease to amaze me, and are a true inspiration!

soooooo enjoy keeping up with p365 with'ya, just luv all the fotos, and your LOs are superFAB!

am looking forward to February! okiedokie, with a *wink* and a *hug* am outta here to get some much-needed laundry done!

Calico said...

I LOVE that last photo! Absolutely gorgeous!!! All your layouts have been wonderful. If it makes you feel better, I've never seen Australia.
BTW, I agree with you about Kayla...just like Scooby-doo :)

Amandac said...

you crack me up Carol - finishing on an even page ROFL! But I have to say your fav photo for the month is just GORGEOUS! So glad you had a great weekend away but I am now DYING to see you Boxing on the Wii hehehe

Polly said...

Its hideoous - the heat isn't it.
Love you pages Carol as always they are a standout.

Lisa Beth said...

You are a fantastic photographer! Seriously! Love the Jan fav pic, Lucky's pitiful face between the fence boards, and the coffees with the paper. I'm so glad you decided on this 365 project! Thank you for sharing. :-)