Thursday, January 15, 2009

Help !!

Okay I need help, how do I make it that I can put an email (instead of no-reply) when I comment on people, so they can email me? I have no idea. I'm off to check other blogs to see if anyone else has how to do it. I've clicked every darn button Tracey, but I can't find it ! Ack!

Almost there, last day of the week tomorrow, whiz, where has it gone? I must admit that Project 365 has dominated my thoughts. Thoughts of photography, scrapping, what photos I want to pick to show at the end of the week, how I portray the week we've just had. It's such a fun project.

We went for a drive after dinner the other night, that very hot day we had recently. Decided to wind the windows right down and drive up the highway for a bit. I had told Mike I wanted to take some photos for the Project. He said he'd come for the ride, he wouldn't get in the way, just nice to go for a drive with the wind blowing in the car.

EXCEPT ... I spotted a nice area to take a sunset picture and he wanted to have a go, he wanted to take a few shots, and I couldn't get the camera back off him. I sulked (for only a bit). Hey this was MY project, this was MY idea to get out after dinner and take some shots around town and the sunset was slowly disappearing. After a very quick sulk, I was actually quite happy that he's excited about it too and it was nice to see what I was seeing through his eyes too. No one ever looks at something quite the same huh? Now I look at the photos and I can't remember which photos I took and which he took. No matter, it's OUR year I'm documenting.

Onto the scrapping front. Creashens and fei fei's stuff have a fabulous new collaboration kit going called Fortunate. It's absolutely beautiful. The papers and elements are just divine. It's available at Catscrap and Oscraps, so do yourself a favour. I've used Fortunate here, a pic of Lucky and Molly. Molly has decided to mother Lucky now, I think they're both in love.


Credits here.

Still talking about scrapping, one of the fabulous new designers at twolittlepixels Click Photo Lien, has a contest happening on her blog, check it out HERE. She has a very nice freebie going there and wants to see what you can do with it. You've got to the 21st and the prize is one of her kits and let me tell you, they are BEE-YOU-TI-FUL !!! So go to it.

So tomorrow the girls I work with are going out for lunch. I looooove going out for lunch. What a nice way to end the week.


Joyce said...

Click on View my Complete Profile and just below Edit Profile you will see Contact. THat's where you add your Email. I think it's an odd place to put it but that's where it is.

Lynne said...

Far out! Joyce beat me to it. Your blog says "0 lovely comments" but Joyce was obviously one step ahead of me!

And now you know; so we'll have no more '' from you!! LOL

PS Where's the knitting? ;-)

Chocolate Cat said...

Chookyblue also has a tute on it somewhere, it was her who finally sorted me out!! Glad Molly and Lucky have a 'love' relationship now!! We have brought Peter the kitten home and Jimmy is trying to kill him with kindness!

Bells said...

I got around by switching to Haloscan which is really easy to install on your blog. I don't think blogger allows it as easily, short of just going to look for someone's email address on their profile.