Monday, January 12, 2009

Project 365 - week two

Just playing catch up here. Week 2 of Project 365. Poor Mike, he will be the butt of some of my photos. Don't you just love the last picture? That will teach him for sleeping in! hahaha It will be fun looking at the pictures when they're all in an album at the end of the year.

Gosh there's some great 365 projects appearing in the galleries. I'm feeling like a real sticky nose. I can't wait to read what some of the ladies are up to next, what their week has contained. In a discussion recently I likened it to taking a walk after dinner, it's dusk, the lights are going on in the houses but the people haven't drawn their blinds yet and you can see in. It's a real peek into people's lives. And as has been pointed out to me, the mundane things that we take for granted, will be so great in years to come to look back on. Our mod cons that we can't live without will be old and ancient. You do wonder what the future holds.


Credits here.

So tomorrow the weather forecast is for hot hot hot. Poor Molly, it's really taken it's told on her today. Right now she's plonked herself in front of the fan. I despair of her tomorrow. I've already made beefy iceblocks in the freezer ready as a nice cold treat for the pair. Thank heavens I'm in a nice air conditioned office.

I've started sewing my step-daughter's quilt together. I had bought a kit, fabric included, for this quilt. It's one of those funky-eclectic-anything-goes-retro kind of quilt. I couldn't put these prints together in a pink fit. I liked the materials when I bought the kit. Once I opened it and laid the fabrics out I had serious doubts. Now that I'm putting it together I'm liking it again. I'm never satisfied. The proof will be in the pudding when it's done.

Nothing else to report. Over and out.


Calico said...

Poor Mike! I have yet to snap a photo of Greg but like it or not it will happen! I like what I see of your quilt so far...can't wait to see more pics. I love your layout and I enjoy reading your posts, you really have a way with words. I totally agree with you about feeling like I'm looking into the window of people's lives...very interesting. Enjoy your hot weather, we woke up to a significant amount of snow today and the boys are thrilled to go sledding. I would be content staying in with my coffee and laptop!

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh I'm think I'm going to enjoy this project 365!!! What a great idea and a great way to keep a record of your year. I have started a quilt for my nieces 18th birthday, sounds similar to yours, I am struggling a little with it not all 'matching'!!!

Amandac said...

It is like peeking into peoples homes isn't it LOL great analogy Carol! Oh and I love that great pic of Mike ROFL - yep that is teasing material for years to come - your pages are fab hun!

Bells said...

I contemplated signing up - I really do love this kind of photography - but decided I just couldn't commit. I don't know what the year holds for me - but I'll enjoy watching yours!

Poor Molly. In this heat, it must be so hard for dogs.