Sunday, January 25, 2009

It was a hit !

Saturday was a hit, the book for my sister-in-law was a hit, it was a fabulous day. I can let you in on a little secret now. She was having a surprise party. What a hoot. She had absolutely no idea. She knew that we were coming down for a BBQ lunch at her dad's and we had three of the kids with us. She knew about that. What she didn't know was that evening a surprise party was planned.

We supposedly "left" to go home around 4pm but we just did some odds and ends in town. She was going out for dinner with her husband and then home to get changed before going to a Naturalisation party for one of her friends. Her friends had gone to such lengths even sending out fake invitations to this Naturalisation party in aid of the upcoming Australia Day. We headed back around 7pm to her house where her friends had moved in and decorated after she'd gone to dinner. It was completely a synchronised watches type of evening.

When she came back to the house (mind you, she lives in a court and no one was parked in the court, everyone was parked in adjacent streets) she had no idea. Walked in and SURPRISE!!!! What lovely friends she has to do this and what a lovely husband. She's had just as shitty a year as I have in that she lost her mum last year. So this was a lovely bright spot to start 2009 with.

Here's a picture of her during the day opening her Shutterfly book. You think she liked it? I know she did.


Calling all digi-scrappers. Head over to creashens blog to wish her a happy birthday, pick up a fabulous freebie, and have a chance to be a guest member on her creative team. Shen is an amazing designer and a lot of fun to boot and it's sooooooo easy do do pretty pages with her goodies. So you've got to be in it to win it, so get scrapping. Oh and not only that, but she still has 35% off her goodies until Sunday.

Now finally, Sharon has a new Simple Set out, visit twolittlepixels and check it out. This whole format is appealing to me at the moment, particularly with the 365 pages springing up everywhere. I'm lucky enough to be given some cute as a button photographs of my dear friend Tanya's beautiful daughter so I can scrap with them. How lucky am I? Win-win for each of us. I get to use twolittlepixels pretties to make a page with, Tanya gets the page.


Credits here.

Australia Day tomorrow, so however you are planning to spend it, make it a good one. We are planning to go to the entertainment in the Village Square here in town, partake in the sausage sizzle, and just generally enjoy the music and entertainment.


Chocolate Cat said...

The smile on her face says it all! enjoy your Australia Day...

Lynne said...

Yep! I think she liked it.

I was surprised it was that size - for some reason I thought it would be 12 x 12 [the paper and glue scrapper in me I guess] LOL

Playing with mummy's beads is better than playing with mummy's lipstick! Ask me how I know!! LOL

Jodie said...

Oh I would say she loved it!!!
Happy Australia Day.

esther_a said...

Fabulous! What a wonderful day. She'll remember it for ever!

Bells said...

oh she looks very happy with it. Gorgeous work Carol. Such fabulous gifts.

Polly said...

love love love the page with such a beautiful little girl. Isn't she just so adorable!