Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day

However you are spending it, it's gorgeous weather, I hope you are out and about enjoying it. We wandered down to the Village Green and chatted to friends, stopped in at a cafe and enjoyed a cappucino on the way home, it was lovely.

I think we are the only house in the street with a flag pole, it's attached to the shed. It doesn't always have the Aussie flag flying, sometimes Mike puts up the Scottish one or the Lion Rampant (I think it's called), at Christmas we have a Santa one flying. I reckon as long as I don't come home and see a Scull & Crossbones up there, I'll be right, ha!

I'm still plodding along with Project 365. I've become like the papparazi, I never leave home without the camera. Heck, I even took a photo of our cappucino earlier at the cafe. I'm sure people were wondering why? But it's fun, it's making me look at every day things in another way. I think this will be a treasure to look back on.


Credits here.

That's it from me, over and out, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my lovely Monday off work!


Margaret said...

I think it very national to have a flag pole. Once none would fly a flag on their own flag pole, now you see them more and more I love the concept. Let me take a little more time to tell you a story about a friend who decided to put up a flag pole, he was in the end stages of mesothelioma when he was in the garage with the electric saw going , my friend was in the showere when she heard " Iv;e done it now with a few expletives, she took a towel and run out and he was bleeding shew threw the towel on him and ran back inside to call the ambulance, and didn't give a thought that she was running around in the nude. She went back to her husband, only then when she heard the ambulance she realised she was naked, she nearly you know what and ran inside and left him again, he recovered and lived another 12 months.

Lynne said...

Yep, Wes looks really excited! Project 365 is going well for you - it will be fun to look back in years to come. I almost regret not starting it!!

Out and about was the last thing I wanted to be - I had a few hours at home alone while WM and DD did the father-daughter thing at aqua golf and ten pin bowling; their last chance before The Wedding this Saturday!

Bells said...

Oh I very rarely care what anyone thinks of me taking photos of supposedly inane things anymore. I expect it makes us seem eccentric or whatever, but it's fun, you're right.

Calico said...

Great Page Carol! Glad the book was a hit! I love that pic of Lucky and Molly. Lucky is stritting aound with his head high like he owns the world and Molly is following (exhaustingly) right behind trying to keep up! Another great photo of you and Mike. I wish I would've watched Roots. I watched it when it originally aired (I was very young but old enough to watch the whole series and have never forgotten it!)

Lisa Beth said...

Oh my goodness, the kids are so big! What a lovely family.

Great pic of Lucky and Molly as well, marching along. I've still (in March mind you) got my Molly Christmas card out on a shelf. :-)