Friday, January 16, 2009

I did it!

Thanks for the advice but I found the instructions on Chookyblue's blog thanks to Tracey I went looking and now I believe it's working, if I make a comment on a blog it will link back to an email address. So I'm not so mysterious after all!

We had a near disaster this morning. I was getting ready for work, Lucky had gone outside and was playing around with Molly, I was about to get their breakfast ready and I hear the most heartwrenching half barking, half squealing, half crying. I don't think I'll ever get that sound out of my head. I raced out the back and Mike sprang out of bed as he'd heard it too, we were worried a big dog had jumped our fence and was attacking Lucky.

He had climbed up on our garden chair via Molly's outside bed and obviously had gone to jump off it but had gotten one foot caught in the gap in the slats of timber and he was half hanging off the chair and struggling and crying, Molly was looking on anxiously. I just got to him as he got himself free but the poor little darling was in a bit of shock I think and I grabbed him up and brought him inside. We were checking his leg for a break or tear or bleeding but nothing, he let us feel all over without a whimper so we were satisfied there was no damage to the bone. And of course I was all over him, hugging him and petting him and giving him some treats, anything to make him feel better.

He was very quiet for a while, limping everywhere, my heart just bled for him, he looked so sad. I fed him and he ate that, then he wanted to go outside so I watched him out there limping around looking very sorrowful. I had to go back inside to get ready for work and he disappeared around the corner of the house. Something about it made me sneak back outside and follow him round the corner and lo and behold the little terror wasn't limping at all. But the minute he looked up and saw me, he started limping again.

HA ! Sprung Mr. Lucky. I have no doubt he was shaken and maybe had wrenched his leg, perhaps a bit of bruising, but my fault entirely because of the way I over-reacted with him. He wanted some more loving. But you know it was at that precise moment when I grabbed him up in my arms and brought him inside and he looked up at me I knew I loved him. I must admit, as much as I've liked him, I haven't felt the same way about him as I obviously do Molly. But in that instant it changed and I loved him with all my heart, the same way as I have always loved Molly and Bo. Animals have an affect like that on people don't they?

Oh and once he realised Mike wasn't falling for any more of the limping, he just stopped it completely. And he was bouncing round all over the place when I came home from work tonight.

Thought I'd show this page tonight. I'm no gardener, no way. I can never understand the people who love to spend the entire weekend pottering away with dirt under their fingernails, but not I. The feeling of dirt under my nails squicks me out anyway. But then I could spend all weekend knitting or scrapping or quilting, so each to their own right?

But just over a year ago my father-in-law struck a whole stack of hydrangeas which we duly planted. Many died, obviously planted in the wrong spot, but all the ones out our back door into the patio grew. We have a sliding glass back door so we look out onto a row of pink at the moment. It's absolutely lovely.

Well obviously Molly thought it was lovely enough to sit in and squish one of the plants down entirely. I guess she was cultivating her horticultural side. haha


Credits here.


Amandac said...

What a clever little sneak ROFL he isn't slow is he with his fake limping hehe. Gorgeous page of Molly in the flowers, she is utterly in the right place because she looks like a Queen in her garden.

Chocolate Cat said...

So glad Lucky was okay but I think you will have lots of fun with him over time, what a little actor!!! Cute photo of Molly, hydrangeas are pretty tough - sure they will bounce back!

Calico said...

I just love when you post pics of Molly and her mischief! Poor, Lucky! I'm glad there was no broken bones, just an extra ploy for sympathy.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I love that Lucky pretended to limp...just like my kids, anything for full sympathy value!
Pleased you worked out the no reply thing, chooky is a handy girl!
The 365 challenge looks fun...not that i would last past a week! My blog is about the best i can do to keep track!
I think the fabric choices for the groovy quilt look fantastic!
Cheers, Tracey