Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Anxiously waiting !

I'm anxiously awaiting dinner right now. Mike is cooking, YAY! That's a big plus. Every now and then he'll surprise me and say "I'll cook tonight", but he doesn't tell me that till I get home from work ... AFTER I've gone to the supermarket, AFTER I've waited forever in line, AFTER I've rushed back to the car to drive the 45 mins home. I've told him if he's going to cook dinner he needs to get me excited about it in the afternoon before I leave work, send me a text, let me know, so I don't have to go to the supermarket, one of my least favourite things to do when I've finished a long day at work.

So there's t-bone steak and salad in the offering tonight. I can't wait.

So I haven't featured my little girl for a while. She's getting braver. The nose rubs from the other side of the baby gate are with more regularity, but still on either/or side of the gate. We're getting there.

I was lucky enough (right time right place) to snap this shot of her. She was in the neighbour's yard sneaking a peek at Lucky out the back playing through a gap in the fence.


Credits here.

So what a relief today, a cool change came through after such a hellish night. We slept without even the sheets on and the fan all night. It's the first time I've come home from work and there's not been a rousing welcome to me from Molly and Lucky. Molly just lifted her head from her cool spot in the carport and ignored me and Lucky did come down to the front gate and then just walked back with me, no frantic jumping and excited to see me. I don't blame them. It was a horrid day for animals.

Well I better go see how this dinner of mine is coming along. I'm looking forward to it.


Polly said...

I hope dinner is wonderful, you certainly deserve it cooked for you!

Kim said...

Fantastic photo of this cat!!

Lynne said...

I can relate to the heat - it was 40* here yesterday and the same is expected today. Thank God for air-con [24* all day! LOL]
We had BBQ [WM cooked] and salad yesterday; today will be store-bought chicken and salad!

Bells said...

Oh what a clever photo! So cute!

Mike's really gotta be more considerate than that! Surprises are nice - but yeah, earlier in the day would be nice!

Chocolate Cat said...

What a cute photo!!