Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I ... am ... melting

I do not *do* hot weather very well. Oh sure I like nice warm days. I like feeling the sun on my skin. But the scorchers we are having at the moment defies description for me. No energy. No thinking clearly. We don't have an AC here in the house either. Oh I should refrain. We do have an AC, but you have to sit right slap bang underneath it and wear ear muffs because it's so loud. Every year we say "we must do something about that". And every summer rolls around and we haven't. This year it's on the list, not just a verbal thought floating in the air. I can't stand this heat.

It got to 42.8 C here today, that's 109 F in imperial temperatures. Just so not on in my book.

I went and dragged a chair out into the middle of the backyard before and sat in the dark and tried to soak in what little breeze there was. That was fine until I got attacked by mozzies. I just couldn't win!

So this is a quick posting, it's too hot in here.

I had a lovely surprise yesterday. I got a very nice email from Gwen of Scrappy Angel Quilts. She has just had her 2nd anniversary of blogging. I like to stop in on her blog, I think I originally found it because of her beautiful quilting, now she's knitting and I'm admiring that. If she starts digi scrapping, well I'll be in heaven! hahaha Anyway back to Gwen, she has thanked me for my regular reading of her blog and is sending me some of her delicious sock wool that she hand dyes. Wow! Thank you again Gwen. What a lovely thing to do.

So before I go, shall show you a fun page I did recently of my father-in-law. He was trying number one step-son's motorbike on for size. Doesn't he look big bad and mean huh? Big bikie with his shirt and tie on. hahahahahaha Gosh I love my father-in-law, he's such a great sport.


Credits here.

And with that I'm about to go jump into a cold shower, run around in it, jump out and go to bed. And obviously lie there in a puddle of sweat not being able to sleep. Urrrgh.


The Josephs Family said...

Wow... 109 huh? That's too hot for anyone's taste. Try this - Think of me here in Wisconsin where the temperature has been starting out at -10F each day with a high of 5F!! Maybe if we mix your heat with my cold we'll get a decent temperature! ;)

ksharonk said...

I'm trying very hard not to enjoy my AC ... and you can keep your bagpipes, I'll stick to the strains of our violin, thanks!!! ;)

Chocolate Cat said...

I am melting too!!! and every year we say we are going to get a screen door put on the front so at least we can get some air through the house but have we??? Of course not!! The phone call to put it in motion will happen tomorrow though so we have it for next year!

Bells said...

Too bloody hot by half today. I will take your suggestion of a cool shower. Hopefully it'll help.

Amandac said...

Hun I have been thinking of you sweltering down there - just think, Winter is just around the corner LOL. Keep hydrated and as cool as you can! Loving all your pages as always Carol and I love the pic of your SIL with her book, I think she liked it too ;)