Friday, January 23, 2009

Proof !

Proof that they've been in the same room together. It was quite cute actually, Bo popped up onto the dining chair and Lucky sat watching her for quite some time, disappeared outside, bought the ball back in and dropped it at the chair and then sat back and watched her. An offering? Who knows. Then decided, well heck if you're not going to play with it, I will gnaw on it! They even both come into the kitchen while I'm getting breakfast ready for them too, both sitting almost side by side. I won't say it's peace at last but it's (almost) peace at last.


See Polly, here are those absolute horrible dining chairs I was talking about. I trumped you on it, didn't I? hahahaha

And the book, oh I love it, I know my sister-in-law will too. We'll be giving it to her tomorrow. Here's some snaps of it.





Shall report back on the reaction !!!


esther_a said...

Oh wow! Looks stunning!! Looking forward to hearing about the surprise!

Kim said...

Lucy still gives our cats wide bearth, lol, and they grew up together! They don't mind her, she minds them. Your two are very cute. This book that you put together is wonderful, a fabulous gift! I'm sure it will be well received.

gwen said...

I hope the present was received with joy and pride. It certainly deserved it.
I don´t think your chairs are ugly. Maybe you just need some new fabric to renew them.
I wish you a nice week and take care.

Lynne said...

Oh wow! And someone once told a fellow scrapper and I that scrap-booking was so twee!

I'd call that classy!!

Victoria said...

Those chairs remind me of ones my mother had a few years ago. I'm glad to see there is a bit of cooperation in the furry companion world.

I know the book will be received with laughter, tears of joy and lots of hugs! Amazing work, Carol!

Chocolate Cat said...

Looking forward to hearing how the book was received. It looks great. Lucky is SO cute, sitting there pretending it doesn't really matter if he has to play by himself!!