Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Waiting ...

Waiting for Mike to come in from the shed so I can throw the pasta on for dinner. That's one downfall to working from home. It's easy to say "oh a little bit longer". Heck, he's been known to do some of his indoor quiet work here up to 2 in the morning. It's easy to sometimes let it take over.

Not like me, I like being a public servant (hard working one at that of course). I sign on and sign off, I get holidays and leave loading, I can ring in sick if need be, I'm protected by a pretty good award and a union. I do my job, and do it well, don't you worry they get their pound of flesh from me. But I do sometimes dream about being at home, finding something fabulous that I could do and work from here.

We'd drive each other nuts though, ha!

In an effort to fill up some middle years, I've delved into the photo pot again and come up with Christmas 1996. I'm not great in putting a lot of photos on the one page, so I thought a template would be the way to go.


Credits here.

This elderly man in these photos is my grandpa (mum's dad) and I loved him to the moon and back. He was sick here with pancreatic cancer, you can see how much weight he had lost. I adored him. And what a character he was too. Love that pic of him and grandma, he was offering her a cheezel ring for her finger, being all romantic, hahaha and she was saying "Oh Harold, get away with you". I can hear their voices now.

And yes there's me in the bottom right hand photograph with the bright red lippy on, eeek. I never wear lipstick that bright or dark now. It looks really strange seeing that face looking back at me, albeit much younger than I am now.

Oh yes and you can really see the short gene in our family can't you. Check out how much shorter mum is from dad, you would have seen it in the last posting too. She's 4 foot 11 and a half inches. She said that "half" tacked onto the end is very important. And grandma was even shorter than mum. Guess I'm lucky I split the difference between mum and dad and hit 5'5".

Enough strolling down memory lane for tonight, it's hit 6.30pm and I think I need to do a raid on the shed and get him in here so we can eat. Then I see a night of sewing in my future, perhaps with an episode of X-Files thrown in. Lovely!


Amandac said...

It's my dream too Carol to find something that I am good at that I can do from home when it suits me - LOL in a perfect world right? I really like your multi photo page! I'm not that great at putting lots of pics on a page either but the template has worked really well - have fun with your pasta for tea! Oh and I caved and bought a Vinnie kit (now to hid the MC bill from Tony ROFL!)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

You poor thing, jolly cats! My girlfriend got her sister to do her new answering machine message, "Sorry, the...... are all out searching for Geelong's missed opportunities!!"
Says it all.
Love the page! Tracey

Lisa Beth said...

What a great Christmas montage! Love all the smiles. I'll bet Trevor would rather not own up to that hair style! LOL