Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How did I miss this?

Before I even start about going back to work, I need to question myself and my tv viewing habits of yesteryear. How on earth I ever missed watching the X-Files??? What was I doing instead? Probably watching the Hardy Boys or Partridge Family, who knows. How on earth did I go through the 80's (I think it was the 80's) without ever seeing one episode of the X-Files?

Stepson number 1 has all 9 or however many series there were of it, totalling about a zillion episodes and he's left them here for us to watch. We're slowly watching our way through series 1. AND I'M HOOKED!!! I actually woke up the other day with the X-Files theme song in my head. How hooked is that?

And I'm loving giggling at Scully's fashions - those big big shoulder pads. What a crack up.

As for work, oh it's been hard having the alarm wake me up these past two mornings. And soon enough, I think probably by about 10am on Monday morning, I felt that my 4 weeks off was merely a dream. Oh well. Roll on the next lot.

Alright now you are all sworn to secrecy here, absolute total secrecy. Can I count on you? Since I'm talking about the 80's I am daring to show a layout I've made for the family album which has pictures of me when I was 19 and with a very very bad perm. I have been reliably informed that "don't worry, we ALL had bad perms in the 80's" but I'm not so sure. This one was a shocker.

Promise not to laugh will you? I did say this album will have the good AND the bad !!


Credits here.

You know when I was putting these photos together and working out the date I did a few other calculations and worked out that in these pictures my mum was exactly the same age as I am now. (GULP). We always think our parents are so old don't we (I say that with the utmost respect) but looking back and thinking heck, when we were on our cruise, mum was my age now. I never think of her like that. We forget they were us once.

And with that I'm off to bed!


Rose Red said...

hee hee, I had a bad perm in the 80s too (corkscrew perm - imagine what that was like when it was growing out - ugh!).

I remember thinking to myself when I turned 33 - "OMG when my mum was my age she'd had 5 kids" - it is weird making those reflections isn't it.

Chocolate Cat said...

I've never watched the X-files either but if I ever catch up with my other viewing I may even have a look!!!
The perm , mmm, it's not good is it?? Trust me though I had worse and no I'm not sharing it!!!!

Lynne said...

I've never seen the X-Files either [and I'm way older than you!]

My first perm was really scary but, fortunately, there are no photos!

MY MIL [whom I love dearly] once accused me of being soft because I said I was no longer going camping in a tent. She used to do it for three weeks at a time with six kids! I reminded her that when she was my age they had bought a caravan!! They forget as much as we do!