Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well ... there's always next year

Gutted is the word I would use to describe how I felt on Saturday afternoon ... oh about when the final siren sounded. I am not going to be an armchair critique because I couldn't kick a ball to save myself, but direction I know, I can see the big white sticks and I'm thinking with all their finesse it wouldn't be too hard to aim in the middle, particularly when standing right in front of them. That's all I'm going to say.

We did have a lovely afternoon though. With some friends for a BBQ, and bless Mike, he wore the beanie all afternoon, even in the 26 degree weather! We were doing anything to will those boys over the line.

Full of anticipation before the match started ...

... smiles were shortlived though.

I think I mentioned a few posts back that I had put together a grid of sorts and put thumbnails of the family book in, so I knew which pages were where, and which would be left and right so I was mindful of not losing journaling or pictures in the binding. I went to check it last night and the darn thing wouldn't open, I'd lost the lost. Arrrrrggghh. I sat looking at all my layouts thinking which order did you all go in.

So laboriously I have recreated a grid and put all my thumbnails back in so I can see where the gaps are ... AND I BACKED UP THIS TIME! What a job.
One thing I've discovered is I need more middle year layouts with mum and dad in them, so I dug this little gem of a photo out and put this together this morning. It's some time in the 70's, got to love those lace sleeves on mum's dress huh?


Credits here.

The journalling you won't be able to read on the screen goes like this : “Mum and Dad’s big night of the year was the Umpires’ Cabaret. Even though dad didn’t dance, they enjoyed the night, often coinciding with mum’s birthday. Mum would bring home all the memorabilia to show us – the leis, swizzle sticks and the menu. Actually anything she could get her hands on. She would often bring home the table centerpiece too!”

Oh yes, mum used to take the centrepieces home, whether they be flowers or balloons or she'd even pick up glittery stars they may have sprinkled. Please tell me she's not the only one? Surely there are others out there, a self-help group maybe? haha

When Mike and I got married the centrepieces for the tables were supplied by the function centre and as long as they stayed put, we didn't have to pay for them. I read the riot act to mum ... NO NICKING OF THE CENTREPIECES !!!!

Well dinner is almost cooked, corned beef tonight. Some love it, some hate it. I am in the former category. Best part about it is corned beef and tomato sauce sandwiches for work tomorrow!


esther_a said...

I was thinking of you yesterday! I know many very disappointed Cats supporters. Oh well...
And I'm not sure I get your point about the centerpieces and sparkles. I've found they can come in very handy ;-)

Victoria said...

Sorry for the game didn't turn out as hoped!

I do love the lace sleeves! The journaling around the photo is so cool and I love the cut out piece. My grandmother was one who wrapped up any extras at the table in a big napkin because she knew it would go to waste. My mom usually asks for centerpieces...I like them too! Your dear mum is not alone, but if there is a self-help group that meets somewhere we would have to schedule right after a wedding, or something, so we would have stuff to take home! :)

Bells said...

i was torn. I had two dear friends going for either side and didn't actually give a damn about it myself. I thought of you when I saw the Hawkes won.

Jodie said...

I was thinking of you on Saturday, Jacob who was devastated last year when the Cats beat his team, this year barracked for Geelong and cried when they lost... oh dear, there is always next year.

My Mum used to bring home the centrepieces as well, my sister and I loved seeing them the next morning.
Oh and yay for the corned beef, love it, especially in the slow cooker.

Amandac said...

LOL never mind Carol as you say, there is always next year! I loved your page of your Mum and Dad and I had to smile at the center piece knicking rofl. Hey saw you over at Vinnie's place - loving the stuff in the store - it is all just WOW!

Margaret said...

Yep, your mum has to my be my age. The Ball, Umpire's night, what ever night was always big and we we wore alsorts of different creations, knicking the centrepiece and bringing home leis that was all our guilt feelings at leaving our precios pets, in the care of usually there grandmother for the big night out. They were the days. Living in Geelong is a tad hard at the moment, but they will bounce back. Loved your blog.

HillsCass said...

Poor Carol... I was thinking of you on Saturday as we got a running report of the match...

Love that layout of your Mum and Dad, this book is going to look AWESOME when it's finished!

Chocolate Cat said...

As you know my home is still in mourning over the football result. My darling husband hasn't read a newspaper all week - too much of the wrong team in it!!
Love the photo especially the lace sleeves, don't think that is one fashion that will be making a comeback!!
Have to admit I am a centrepiece/ souvenier collecter at events!!!!!