Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's get real ... literally

I am meaning reality TV. Okay so you know my dirty little secret from my last post. Tonight I was in heaven.

First round results for Australian Idol and whilst I really like Sophie I don't think she'll last the distance against the rest with the calibre of singing they have shown so far. I will go out on a limb and say that Wes and Mark will be in the final with Wes the ultimate winner. Let's see how I go with that one.

As for the rest of my evening, the last episode of Project Runway Australia. If you haven't watched it look away now. Go Juli !!! She was my pick right from the start, flawless, gorgeous gowns and she seems nice as well, no back-stabbing (that I can remember), just lots of giggles and perfect outfits.

Commiserations over the weekend for any 'woods fans out there. Mum of course is devastated. She is one-eyed Collingwood through and through, came from growing up part of her childhood in the suburb I think. Must tell you a funny story from quite a few years ago now. Remember those life size cardboard cut outs you might see from time to time at sports stores? Dad happened to know the owner of a sports store in Geelong and they were clearing out some and one was a Collingwood footballer, I have no idea who it was now, and he gave it to mum. She proudly displayed it in the front window of the house for all the world to see, there was a footballer standing in the front room. It was quite the talk of the street.

Except ...

Many times when I went over to mum and dad's to visit, I would turn the footballer up on his head and stand him upside down. Mum would have no idea until they maybe got in the car later on in the day and were backing out and she had a view of upside down legs in the front window of the house.

Ahhh memories!

So in honour of mum and alas all those 'woods fans out there, I'll show you a page I have done for the family album.


Credits here.

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SaschkaH said...

Your mum needs to get some taste!

(I always tell B how much I want to move to Melbourne, but no matter how much you paid me or how nice the house was I could NEVER live in 'wood).