Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enough to put you off chocolate


I was sitting here last night having a bit of a scrap and a cup of tea. Mike comes in with a bag of chocolate honeycomb he'd found in the cupboard, something I'd bought a month or so ago and forgotten about it. He offers me one and went off to watch telly obviously to scoff the rest!

So because I didn't want sticky fingers (that's my excuse anyway) I put the whole bit in my mouth at once and munched down. Wow. It was the nicest honeycomb I'd tasted and it had such a texture that it all kind of crumbled as I ate it. Wonderful! Not too hard. Just perfect.

Just as I'd swallowed Mike comes racing up the passageway ... "DON'T EAT THE HONEYCOMB!!!!!!!!!"

He'd taken one bite and felt something run up his arm and the bag at the bottom had ants all through it, somehow had gotten in through a hole in the bottom of the bag. But that's not the worst of it. When he bit into a piece of honeycomb it had ants INSIDE it! Oh cack . gag . ewwww.

Talk about texture huh? Protein thrown in to boot. I rinsed my mouth out with water all the while thinking I bet I didn't just eat ants, but ant poo too! Amazing where an over-active mind will go in times of distress.

Yes, definitely enough to put me off chocolate honeycomb at least for a while.

Thought I'd share a page I did here


Credits here.

Features a family friend, nicknamed "Jungle". Gee, I wonder why he got called that! Jungle and Mrs. Jungle (my memory escapes me for the moment) were dear friends of my grandparents. He played bass drum in the Southern Command Army Band and we would always make a bee line for him if he were in town.

Now on the knitting front, check out that jumper, one of my very favourites from my childhood. See, the variegated wool was big way back when too. I was a bit of a colour co-ordinated disaster it looks there. And I can't remember if it were mum or grandma who knitted the jumper, but I'm thinking it was my grandma. Mum was a very slow knitter and unfortunately often by the time she'd finished a jumper, we'd already grown out of it. She was a frogging specialist!

I've signed up to take part in Southern Summer of Socks again. Funny how over winter my sock knitting kind of went by the wayside. Now I'm going great guns finishing this pair right now. Photos soon, I promise!

Now a pot of tea is in my very near future so off to save and boil the kettle.


Bells said...

Ugh. No way. Blech. You don't expect that do you?

Love the jumper!

(And yes I'm very behind on my blog reading!)

Lynne said...

You would never have known if he hadn't told you!! LOL

Bloglines had a problem and I only just got feeds for your last eight posts, sorry!