Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Practice makes Perfect

Not one but two episodes of the X-Files were on the agenda tonight. I wonder how long it's going to take before I'm sick and tired of them. Not yet anyway. We got to the end of one episode and took one look at each other and said "ahhhh just one more", ha.

Thursday tomorrow, how did that happen? Over half way through the week and I feel like I've been back at work for months. Doesn't take long for that holiday glow to just vanish. I think someone is missing me. Molly I'm talking about. She's taken to sleeping right next to my side of the bed. She has her bed over in the corner of the room mind you, but no, she'd rather lay out on the floor as close to me as possible. She pads along after me of a morning when I get up and waits outside the bathroom while I'm in the shower. Then she goes out for breakfast. When I get home from work my shadow is right behind me every step of the way. And when we're sitting on the couch of an evening, feet up on the coffee table, she's stretched out under our legs. A bit clingy you might say? haha

Oh and right now she's stretched out on her side right beside me at my feet asleep. One ear up and one ear down. Yep, she's my shadow alright.

I thought I'd share this page with you tonight. Music was a huge part of my upbringing, brass bands to be particular. My dad played bass (or some may call it a tuba) in a brass band, his dad played bass drum, my maternal grandfather whilst not playing was librarian of a brass band, his father and a couple of great uncles also played, so I guess it was in the gene pool that I would take up an instrument too.

There was always a lot of noise at home, particularly if dad and I got together to practice. And of course the size of the bass was a novelty value for some, as you'll see my brother trying to get into the act, he would just make obscene sounds through the instrument as young boys were prone to do, ha.

Now of course with the powers of photoshop I was going to take my red puffy cheeks out of the equation and well lose the fly on my jeans that was coming undone, but I thought what the heck, leave them in, it was life as it was. And what is more lively than that purple swirly skivvie, eeeeeek! Well, it was the 70's after all.


Credits here.

Isn't that paper here by creashens clever, it looks just like Trevor's pyjamas! Almost a perfect match.

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Chocolate Cat said...

Poor Molly!! Our Jess & Jimmy are going to hate the kids going back to school next week!
Love the photos, glad you kept in the wonky zip and the red cheeks - makes for true memories!!