Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last day

Last day of freedom! Back to work tomorrow. Early to bed early to rise and all that jazz. I know I'll soon be back into routine and these last four weeks will seem like but a memory. Oh well, that's how it goes doesn't it, to pay the bills.

I still have Australian Idol to look forward to tonight. It's quite windy out there, stepson number 1 is stopping in for lunch on his way back to Melbourne, I always worry about him on his motorbike in A. rain, B. wind, C. traffic. I guess that covers the lot doesn't it, it's just a motorbike thing.

The best thing about being on a creative team for digi scrapping is that the designers are always open for new ideas, what we think would be a great addition to the shop. How lucky are we, it's like Christmas - we write a wish list and get it answered. I had suggested to Sharon a hardware pack and poof, there it is. And I love love love it. Lots of fun things there to add dimension to your pages. Click on the picture to take you to the shoppe.

So I had to dig into my photographs for a shed page. I thought I'd done a pretty neato page here, a nice one of father and son hard at work in the shed, father teaching son the intracacies of a doo-dad-thingamybob-whoosawatsit-loud thing. I think that's the proper name of it. And Mike took one look at the page and said "what on earth are there gumleaves doing in my shed?!?!?!" I told him a bit of literary licence goes a long way with these pages and get over it. ha


Credits here.

What is it with boys and their sheds anyway? We have a huge shed, absolutely HUGE. It needs to be as Mike works here from home, but I take one step in there and there's crap everywhere. Oh yes his beloved machines are lined up beautifully in their spots. The old fish and chip shop closed down here in town years and years ago and when they were demolishing the insides Mike decided the fish and chip shop counter, you know those long long long counters, would make a great workbench. Must say he has made it work. I won't even go into the trouble we had getting it to our house and in the shed, eeek.

I did play a little joke on him when I moved up here. As my furniture and things were being moved in I took a little walk round the shed, rubbed my hands together, and said "so which part of it do I get?". The look on his face was priceless, wish I had my camera handy.

Never mind the cobwebs and sawdust in the shed, give me a craft area and a computer and I'm happy as larry.


Chocolate Cat said...

Hope your first day back at work goes okay!! Great photo from the shed!!

Jess Gordon said...

Hope your day goes well today :)!!! Great page - I totally know what you mean about the shed - my DH doesn't have one, but he wants one soooo bad! I think we will be building one sooner or later :). - Jess

Victoria said...

I would love to have seen his face, too! :)

Such a fun page...those creative licenses are such a great thing! The hardware pack is too cool!

I hope all went well with the visit and the motorbike ride!

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

My WM has the back of the garage and two sheds! And wonders why I can't keep all my stuff [work, art and crafts] in one small room!

Sorry about the last comment - I exaggerated the number of sheds!