Sunday, September 7, 2008

Father's Day

Well we've had a full house here today for Father's Day. It initially started off with some very quiet plans, Mike and I and number 2 daughter was staying for the weekend. In the end number 1 son rode down on his motorbike from Melbourne and my father-in-law came as well. Three generations and I think it really tickled Mike pink. He's not one for fuss or bother. But I'm so glad it turned out like it did.

A beautiful roast lamb for lunch, followed by banana cake and icecream for dessert. Perfection. Mike did a little toast to my dad at the beginning of the meal and the tears really brimmed ready to flow. My first father's day without my dad. I do note though that my father-in-law hugged me that much more tightly which made me feel quite warm and fuzzy.

So because it's Father's Day I thought I'd show you a page I did of my dad that I don't believe I've shown before. This photograph appeared in the Herald Sun after the Moomba procession was held in 1979. Moomba is a big procession in Melbourne, with floats and bands and huge huge crowds. And let me tell you it's a long march blowing a brass instrument, I can say that from experience because I've marched in my fair share too, although never getting my picture in the newspaper like this. It was a shock having breakfast the next morning, I remember dad was flipping through the pages over his bowl of cornflakes and sees a picture of himself large as life before him.


Credits here.


SaschkaH said...

Just lovely beautiful *hug*

Was thinking of you today; I'm glad to hear it was a lovely day for you all.

MWAH! xoxo

Bells said...

Carol that sounds like a special way to remember your dad and the page is gorgeous. The B&W against the blue is striking!

Chocolate Cat said...

What a lovely fathers day for Mike, a full house is wonderful and lunch sounded yummy!
Love the photo of your Dad, like you I've grown up with Moomba.

Victoria said...

What a beautiful day! The food sounds so delicious!

The photo, the history and the nickname are such fun tidbits of information! Fantastic layout!