Friday, September 26, 2008

I will let Molly do the talking tonight


For my overseas friends (or those Australians who live on another planet), tomorrow is that "one day in September" that the whole football year culminates in ... the AFL Grand Final. This year my team Geelong Cats vs. Hawthorn Hawks.

You may remember my excitement last year when I announced we had done it, after 44 years. 2007 premiers, the last time we had won the premiership before that was 1963, which incidentally was on the day that mum and dad got married. Can we do it back to back? I reckon we can!


Last time Geelong and Hawthorn met in a Grand Final was 1989 I think it was reported. I actually went to that match with dad. Through absolute sheer luck I was able to snaffoo two tickets and took dad to see his beloved Cats.

What a day, I can remember it like yesterday, 1. because it was the Grand Final and 2. because it was total father/daughter time. We took the train to Melbourne, got to the MCG early and sat from the first match in the morning to the final siren. We went to a hamburger place on the way home to eat and then took a later train home to Geelong, then went down to the town hall to "welcome the boys home" along with thousands and thousands of other Geelong-ites! What a wonderful memory to hold on tight to.

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Amandac said...

*Rolling on the floor laughing so hard I have tears* I can't believe I missed the X-Files post, Carol hun I have been an X-Files fan for well forever! I can't wait to get my hands on the movie ROFL! And your perm secret is safe with me! In fact, what the hell, I'm going to post a picture of mine over on my blog so you don't feel alone hahahaha.

Good luck to the Cats and to Molly if she is seen in public by any of the cat population!! Umm will you like me less if I told you I'm not even sure what game this is - I'm sure that there is a ball involved but that is it I'm afraid! Some Aussie I am ROFL!