Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday woes!

Sunday night here, and I usually have the Sunday woes about now, thinking about tomorrow. Urrrgh. Oh ... but wait ... what was that? I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK!!!!! Wooo hooo! Sorry for rubbing that in. No more Sunday woes for me (for the time being).

Hubby, oh heck, I should stop calling him hubby on here, I show enough of his pictures. Mike and I went to a Christening today in a little country town. We were going to make it with five minutes to spare so were congratulating ourselves in the car thinking that whew, just made it, timed it pretty well down to the wire. Except the minister started the darn christening ten minutes earlier because he had another engagement to go to! So we missed part of it. Us and other guests. Don't think that was very good form.

But it was a nice day, the baby behaved (this is little Aliza that I made the quilt for) and a lovely BBQ lunch afterwards at their farm. Oh my gosh it got cold though, but all the kids didn't mind, they were burning off any excess energy playing cricket, which the adults soon joined in to keep warm.

Lots and lots of photos of my step children to scrap now, loooooove having a zoom on my camera!

I thought I'd end the week off with a layout of a silly little photo I took last year. It started off being a silly little layout, but it speaks volumes to me (interjected with a bit of humour). This was a very stressful time for both of us last year. Our beloved Molly developed a tumour near her shoulder. Thank goodness it was benign, but nonetheless that wasn't discovered about it being benign until it came out. This lump as big as a malteser ended up having her cut 18cm long and flesh 3cm deep taken out, resulting in 25 stitches. If you want to see her the day she came back from hospital, I had written about it back in August06, click if you'd like to see. Poor poppet, she looked so miserable.

So here's my (anti) cowgirl, and with that, I'll bid you goodnight.

Paper – Lamour by Bad Candy
Notepaper by Katie Pertiet
Staples by ksharonk
Fonts – Bookman Old Style and Synchonous

“Molly you look a picture! Here we are in the middle of cow country and I subject you to the indignity of wearing this jacket. No wonder you have your eyes shut!

But if only you knew how worried we were. Just having had your operation and you were wanting to scratch your stitches so badly. Cow coat to the rescue.

Hey, I heard that if you shut your eyes really tight the other dogs in the neighbourhood won’t see you!!”


Christine said...

This layout is soooo adorable! I just love the journaling! TFS!!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Love the post-it's a little like dressing my calves in quilts to look like Jim Shore figures! Tracey