Monday, April 16, 2007

Where have all the black swans gone?

Well I can mark my first thing off my holiday to do list. I took a shopping trip to Ballarat today. Sum total after a morning's shopping = 1 bag of licorice (for Mike) and a cup of coffee! How very sad is that? But it was fun looking around shops that I don't usually get to see, love those little gifty type or homeware shops.

I then detoured out to Lake Wendouree. Now I've heard about it, I've read about it, but to stand on the bank and see the lake completely dried up is a sight to behold. My goodness I have memories of my childhood, every year we would visit Ballarat and armed with a loaf of bread each we would feed the black swans. I remember seeing little baby swans (I know there's a name for it, but I have no idea and it's not swanlets!) but I remember seeing those little babies paddling ever so quickly to keep up with their mums. I remember as soon as the car pulled up the swans would just know they were in for a feed and come clamouring over to you. All these fabulous memories of Lake Wendouree and the black swans.

But now the lake is dried. Instead of people walking around the lake which was the done thing back then, they were walking through it. Rowing clubs lined the banks standing like stick houses out of dust. It was so so sad to see. The lake, or the dust bowl it's become is still there, but the black swans have long since gone.

In my reflection of the lake as I walked along, I did see the irony in this sight.
After my visit to the lake, I went on to the War Memorial, what a fine job they've done there, meticulously cared for.

Then I headed back to Sebastopol to find the cutest quilting shop ever. I've been there before but only as a passenger (who obviously doesn't pay attention to where she is being driven) because I had no idea where to go. And I realized when needing to ask directions to "a cute little quilting shop around here" you don't ask the 20 year old petrol station man whose interest is more than likely cars cars and more cars, who looked at me blankly as if I was from outerspace. So I just kept driving and ended up finding it. Gail's Patchwork Emporium. Stop by if you ever get the chance, you won't be disappointed.

I made a little dent in the shopping there, my favourite material I purchased today was a cream and green toille Christmas print. Just beautiful. Tomorrow there will be pictures. Tonight I'm off to bed.


The Calico Cat said...

Yes, the cat on my blog is made form silver service pieces.

Bells said...

God that is so sad. I didn't get a chance to reply to your email about this yesterday Carol but I suspected you'd post a photo. Heartbreaking isn't it? A bit of your childhood, and the memories of others, is gone.

Maybe it'll come back.

mejane said...

Baby swans = cygnets

It's so dry everywhere. In my town we have a beautiful parklands surrounded lagoon; except these days it is more like a puddle. No swans but we used to get a lot of ducks.

Christine said...

Hi Carol, this is so sad about your dry lake and no more swans. At least you have memories of it the way it used to be.
In response to you cmment on my blog about thinking of me while sipping Starbucks...I had to smile to myself. I agree that the net connects people in a special way. I love quilting, and used to have a quilting business for about five years(I had a quilting machine, People would send me their tops and backing and I would do all the fancy quilting on them). Digiscrapping has taken over and I haven't made a quilt in a long while. That is an adorable little quilt shop you visited, it makes me miss my many trips to my local quilt shops. Have a wonderful day!

Christine (Calico)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Isn't Gails to die for-i wondered if you got there...have often wondered if she would adopt me.....