Sunday, August 27, 2006


The relief I feel right now is incredible, like a big weight being lifted off my shoulders. Three little words from the vet on the phone yesterday.
Oh Thank you God, Thank You. The vet went on to say that they were positive they got the entire lump and she will be fine.

I mentioned in my last blog that Molly had a lump and was getting it taken out. One little lump the size of a malteser turned into 25 stitches, 18cm long by 3cm deep.

She's been very good and only scratching very softly, but during the day we have her coat on her so she can't get at the stitches which come out in 2 and a bit weeks.

How on earth did this girl get so far into my heart? And everyone else who meets her. Unfortunately dad got the message muddled up when I spoke to him. I told him it was benign but the message he gave to mum was that "Molly has begone". Poor mum spent the entire day trying to get onto us frantically thinking that Molly had passed on.

So I am a happy girl right now, with my happy girl.


IansHip said...
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Cinnamon Jewels said...

I am just so thankful she is okay. She holds a little place in my heart strangely, i guess because she means so much to you. It's such a relief *hugs*