Monday, April 9, 2007

Four more days...

This is going to be my mantra this week. Only four more days to go until I get one whole glorious month off work. I don't even mind going back to work tomorrow. Cause there's only four more days. ~~big happy sigh~~

So today I've had fun scrapping a layout for Lifts with a Twist. For the uninitiated (Bells!) they present a layout and you put your own twist on it. Excellent for if you're feeling uninspired or you have the perfect idea for a page but can't think just how to present it. When I saw this page "Support System" by alitfin, I knew it would be ideal lift for one I wanted to do.

So without further ado ... Introducing Bo (Miss Bojangles) and Bowie (Mr just plain Bowie). Bo of course as you've all been subjected to through posts in the past is my kitty. Bowie belongs to my brother. When I was down in Geelong on Friday I attempted to get some good pics of Bowie, until he let both my brother and I know by hissing and spitting (he's a mean mean cat!) that he'd had enough. Such over the top movie star tantrums, hmmmph!!!

Apart from their names (which confuses their 'granny' no end - granny being my mum!! ha) they could not be more further different in their actions and demeanour.

So here's my take on a scraplift of "Support System". Mine is entitled "Kitty Cousins".

Journalling in case you can't read it ...
He's a he * She's a she
He's a city cat * She's a country cat
He wakes you up with a nip on your toe * She nudges you gently with the tip of her nose
Whatever you do don't touch his tummy * She rolls over just daring you to
He hisses and spits when he's had enough * She just walks away with a flip of her head
He's a spitfire * She's a lady
You love him * I love her

Scraplift for Lifts with a Twist from – “Support System” by alitfin
Papers and/or kit elements – Lamington by Tracy Ann Designs and Fresh & Distressed by Lyndsay Riches
Ledger frames by Katie Pertiet
Vintage Frames by Katie Pertiet
Stitching by Tracy Blankenship
Fonts – You are loved and Antique type

So how did everyone fare with Easter? I ask this as I sit here stuffing my face with a chocolate egg. I started thinking back to when I was a kid about Easter. The humpty dumpty eggs seemed to have double the smarties inside. And do you remember the colours and kaleidoscope of patterns that the easter egg foil would come in? They don't seem to come in such a variety of patterns any more. I remember I would unwrap my eggs ever so carefully so as not to tear the paper, and I would fastidiously smooth that paper down to keep. But that's where my memory fails me. What did I do with all that gloriously patterned foil paper afterwards? I honestly can't remember.

Signing off for now, but I'll continue my mantra ... four more days ... four more days ... four more days ...


Jess said...

Cute page - I like how you lined up the journaling side by side. Oh! Thanks for reminding me about the Easter candy downstairs!

Bells said...

nothing is as good as it was when we were kids, Carol. Nothing! I have very similar memories of doing the same sorts of things with easter egg wrappers.

Those kitties are so cute side by side....kitty cousins. Love it!

Bells said...

ps I want a month's leave.

pps you know what your leave starting means don't you? Not long til we meet up for real!